18 December 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Sorry about the absence but I have been extremely busy, both at work and home, at work... I'm actually... get this.... DOING WORK! :) haha.. Seriously, doing work.. right... now... I'm talented like that! So anyway, I'm busy at work and busy at home so no time to blog. This will be lots of pictures and lots of happiness in this post... ENJOY! :)
Halloween! Yeah I know it's December but I finally uploaded pics and this one was too cute to pass up. :) Look at BatGirl sneaking up on the bride and the Football Player..
Another too cute photo, I love that they love each other so much and get along so well. :)

Look at this guy! Don't you just want to squeeze him!?! I do... haha.. You'll see him someday playing with those Broncos, you just wait and see! :)

Here they are again, snuggling. Stinkers!The three muskateers! We took them to the parade of lights show that they hold at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens every year. I got some great photos of them with the light sculptures.For it being so cold they sure were happy campers!I love this one! They loved this turtle!

These are some pictures I took in October that I finally uploaded and I love them because the grass is so green, and more importantly my girls are so beautiful!

This (below) was my drive in to work Tuesday, this is Albuquerque, it never snows, or at least not this much! Roads were terrible, we got let off work early and they cancelled school. :) YAY

Another view of the snow below with a touch of the mountains from afar. :)

And last but not least can you believe these! My sister Lena is making candy for the family for Christmas and I can't wait to eat it! These are dark chocolate gingerbread candies with jelly inside.. YUMMMM

Below are some more chocolate goodies that she colored and created herself, I can't wait to eat them! :)

Below are the hollies of course, they look so yummy! :)

And that's all for now, I have some major work to do!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Cute pics! It's so pretty in NM. Uh oh . . . candy!! Your girls are so cute, and your nephew is adorable! Take care!!

Lena said...

Hey thanks sister for posting my goodies! :) I have some waiting for you! Hope to see you all soon!

Heather said...

Great Pictures Liz, thanks for sharing them with us!!! Looks like you have been busy!