08 December 2008

Monday Updates.... it's a reader... :)

You all know I hate Mondays, I can't stand mornings and well.. it's Monday morning, so double the fun!

Updates.... NOTHING CRAFTY! Ugh, and I'm still tired to the bone!
Friday I did nothing but be lazy and watch Disney with the girls.. YAY--oh yeah I got my hair cut, trimmed and back to layers, I was trying to get it to grow out one length but it was wayyyy too flat and not working well so I cut it. :)

Saturday I was lazy again, or as usual I should say, my husband got out early and we went to Santa Fe to stay at the new Buffalo Thunder Casino/Resort for our late celebration of our 3rd Anniversary... :) It was nice, we had a great dinner, some drinks, listened to some live band action and laughed. It was a really nice time and I'm so grateful that my husband thinks about outings, anniversary stuff, getting away and just taking time for us... Because sometimes I'm quite happy just to stay home and do nothing, I am in a sense a home-body... :) I like it, but I'm glad he drags me out of the house sometimes!

There were a few things I learned on this night away trip. 1.I learned to play blackjack, for reals! I mean I always knew the concept, could probably play at a home-game type thing, and I knew how to play the electronic version, but my husband encouraged me to learn the whole heart of it and play at the tables! Big deal to me, I'm scared of the tables, scared of the possible addiction, and scared to LOSE. I'm not a good loser... But I WON! I played well, my husband was excited and I had fun so it was worth the learning experience, and 2. My husband knows how much I care about my scrapbooking and savoring all our precious memories.. He's in the past noticed that I keep little tidbits of trips and things, he managed to pick up a card and menu at the nice place we ate, some stuff from the hotel and kept one of our hotel keys, and while we left he gave them to me and said... here... for your scrapbook. :) I teared up... I love that he thinks about all the details! :)

So yesterday, we drove back home (about an hour's drive--not so bad), we stopped to shop around at some local stores and went grocery shopping, yeah we totally know how to have fun without the girls... grocery shoppingggggg :) hahaha...

Last but certainly not least I got an award from the wonderful Heather over at Heather's Heavenly Stampations!

I love the cuteness of this award! :) Don't you just love the colors? Thanks Heather! I found her while I was blog hopping and I'm so glad I did, she has so many creations and inspirations to share and I love it, I drop by daily almost! :) I'm supposed to send this to 6 people.. so here goes:

Carol at Crazy for Crafting of course! She was one of the very FIRST blogs I read and keep reading, I check her blog 5 times a week and by golly she always has something new and crafty posted! She is a great blogging friend to have!

Becky at Confessions of a 20-Something Scrapbooking Mother! I also found her blog hopping and I love her creations, and her kids are adorable. I think I can relate to her so much and I hope to be great friends!

Lisa at Candlelight Quilter! She does some amazing crafty quilts and I hope to get into something material oriented soon, I think it may be addicting though. All those great patterns make me think of all my great patterned paper.. :) Thanks Lisa!

Sasha at Sassy Sasha! She has the most amazing scrapbooking pages, she makes me laugh and she's one of the closest bloggers I've found that live by me... :) We will have to meet up one day, and she's a Soldier, just like I was so we have common things. Thanks Sasha!

Melissa at One Crafty Mumma! She has great ideas, great links, she does amazing work and she even has a recipe blog which is YUMMY and I'm totally getting recipes to make for the Holidays from her. Thanks Melissa!

Misty at Li'l Buck's Creations! She is also one that lives close, she sure is crafty and has adorable kids! Her cards a truly inspirational! Thanks Misty!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Aw, thanks Liz!! I'm thrilled and honored that you mentioned me!! You are very sweet!!

Your husband is a sweetheart! Oh my goodness, saving little bits and pieces for you to scrapbook . . . how wonderful and cute is that? He's a keeper for sure!!

My husband LOVES blackjack. I love craps. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I've had some luck winning. The table card games scare me! Blackjack scares me!! Good for you on winning!!

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!! How awesome that you spent some time together for it!

P.S. I'm totally a homebody too!!

Becky said...

How sweet Liz! Thanks!!! Although lately, I'm not feeling too creative! FRAZZLED though, lol. :) I actually sat down and made a card today though! I haven't completed anything in about 6 weeks. :( Maybe I'm getting my mojo back. Or it could've been a fluke, who knows!

Sounds like you two had a great time! YAY! And how sweet is he! My hubby tries to give me things to scrap too-when we went to the pumpkin patch he collected the huge leaves from the corn stalks and gave them to me. To which I promptly said "What in the world am I going to do with these??!!" At least your hubby is smart about it. :)

You won??!! Go girl. I've never been gambling. Ever. Don't know why not-I think I'd be good at it! My hubby and I are major homebodies too. We went to his Christmas dinner Saturday and it was fun and everything, but I totally would've rather been at home with the boys! Especially now at Christmas. We've cuddled on the couch and watched the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Shrek the Halls about 10 times. :) That is my ideal night!

Better go, ALL of the kids are asleep-maybe I can get 30 more minutes of crafting in. AHHHH!!! YAY!!

Laurie said...

Your card is a finalist in the Tip Junkie Christmas Card contest. Be sure to blog about it and ask for people to vote for you. {{wink}}

They can vote on the left side bar. Good Luck!