26 March 2008

Going shopping today!

Yay, I'm going to take the girls to Hobby Lobby after work today and I already can't wait. I have to get some storage containers for my stickers and embellishments for the scrapbooks. I hope I find some cute ones. Anyway I think what I do lack in my scrapbook collection of "stuff" is ribbon. I just can't find many that I like though, so I'll try to find some more today. Actually I saw some last weekend at the Dollar Tree, which is a great place to grab stuff if you're on a budget. So we might also stop there on the way home. I guess I'm just in the shopping mood and I am anxious to get my scrapbooking started. The girls are on Spring Break this week so I have some extra time after work to not do homework and I can actually sit in my office and get some stuff done.

Today wasn't the most eventful day, although I had a great lunch with my friend from work. I have to give her a "shout out" because she is absolutely a great friend, she is genuine and best of all she listens to my constant jabbering about nothing. So, thanks Theresa! :) Annnnd you know what, we had a Book Fair thing at work last week and I wanted to buy sooo much stuff because they had some scrapbooking stuff and I love books, so I got the girls some books of course and got me a pack of scrapbook paper. Well my friend Theresa snuck down to the fair while I went to lunch and she bought me a scrapbook with a graduation scrapping kit! Can you believe? I couldn't, I almost broke down in tears. When I got back from lunch she had left it on my chair with a Thank you note! Forget it, the waterworks were about to start, so I had to rush down to her office and tell her thankyou! I love it because it's the same Royal Blue color as my highschool colors were, so I get to add in all my highschool photos in it. Well I got off subject, I was telling you about lunch, we went to eat at the hotel across the street, had the Mixed Berry Salmon Salad! I have to say, this salad is the ONLY salad that I would be able to eat on a daily basis. I love it! It's mixed greens, tomatoes, strawberries, big chunks of Salmon and a rasberry vinagarette. It's truly awesome and I had "intended" to only eat half and bring the rest back for later, but that didn't pan out the way I wanted to. Instead I ate the whole dagum thing in one sitting! Well at least it was healthy! :)

So no pictures today, I'm about outta here and off to Hobby Lobby so have a great Hump Day and see you back here tomorrow! Adios!

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

I'm heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. I saw that paper is half off . . . who doesn't love half off paper! How sweet of your friend to surprise you with such a great gift! That salad sounds fantastic!