11 March 2008

Migraine! & The office BEFORE!

I'm not sure what's going on but I have a major migraine today and as luck would have it I don't have any more meds at work for it. So I either can go home and get some during my lunch and come back to work or I can just not come back to work! :) I think a better option is staying home.... But before I do that I think I will add some photos of my "before" office. Be careful, it's a mess, well it was a mess before Sunday, when I decided to clear it completely out and paint. Me and my husband painted til about 10:30 p.m. but it was done, now I just have to wait for my furniture to be delivered! I can't wait. The order was completely messed up but I am over it, I just need the stuff already. After you see the pictures, you'll see why! This is what you see when you open the door--note, we have double doors that lead into the office, however, one is blocked by junk so therefore only one is openable :) See the brightly colored boxes, they are somewhat filled with scrapbooking stuff and pictures. Elvis in the back, I love him! This is what you see when you look slightly to the right of the above picture. You can see where the chair leaves off.... There is a "path" leading through the junk to the desk, which you probably can't see yet, the path isn't quite clear but it's there, sorta. Well at least my filing is labeled. Oh look there's my Cricut. Aaagghhh, there it is, the desk, the dreaded, hated desk, the desk with no storage, the desk that I didn't want, the desk that will soon furnish the new house of my BFF, minus all the junk. There is also the non-working printer/scanner taking up much needed room. All that stuff on the floor, it's a bin filled with schoolwork/projects from the girls, I downsized this to about half on Sunday. And this, this is the workspace I have. I long to see it leave me but oh well! There's that printer again, and oh look it's my sister and her family pictures... and my new Ipod that my brother got me, that has yet to get a song on there because I can't figure it out! YIKES! Oh yeah and look at the nice, safe places I keep my checkbook and passports! haha.... Can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

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