12 March 2008

Another day, another dollar!

Another day in Paradise! Yeah right, I wish I could say that, but no such luck. Another day filled with boredom. I did manage to get some papers off my desk this morning but to no avail I still had about 7 hours to spend scanning the internet. Lucky me! Why? Because I had 7 fun filled “me” hours to search the internet for possible scrapbooking ideas and imagining what my scrapbooks will look like. I showed you the before pictures of my office/craft area and so far the new desk is put together, I’ll have pics tomorrow. But in the meantime all my stuff is piled high on my dining room table and I’m sure my husband is going all “neat freak” on me and wanting the stuff out of there fast so the house looks presentable again, so on his day off tomorrow maybe the rest of the furniture will get done! Yeah right, no such luck again. He said he’s going to be working outside. Which is good cause the backyard looks just as bad as my “before” pictures of my office! Haha. Anyway, once the office is done, I’m full speed ahead to scrapbooking central in my house! I can’t wait! I have so many ideas building up in my head and I print out tons of ideas that I can alter and make my own and I already have pictures in my mind of what the stuff will look like. I really cannot wait!

I have managed to sort through all of my photo CDs and organize them according to year and activity, can you believe it!?! Yeah, let’s just say that the total number of pictures is way beyond the thousands that I was thinking I had. I’m okay with it though, it’s job security! Gives me much more work to do in my future and I see years and years ahead of scrapbooking that I can do. Okay you might think I’m crazy but this is my idea….. I have three girls, all whom are very active in school, sports and being drama queens, so I take tons of pictures. I love my family and I plan to have one more baby in the future. What I want ultimately, is to scrapbook just about every picture I can, even if it means thousands of pictures later, I would like to have a Scrapbook Library per say. I want them to be able to look through them as they wish and remember the great memories we have as a family, vacations, school, home life, pets, etc. After I pass, years and years down the road, I want them to be separated as they wish or with my husband in a library where they can still see them and show their kids. I want the library to be a lasting memory and a place they can go and love….. So that’s my idea… crazy I know but I love the idea of it and I plan to in this lifetime have it as I wish! So there!

As for today, I’m just doing it one day at a time and hoping that it all goes according to planned… but in the meantime, this is where I wish I was today….. I'm leavinnnn on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again! haha... it popped in my head sorry... but wouldn't it be so relaxing to be a balloonist and be able to go ballooning when you wanted and to just drift off and let your mind wander as you float miles and miles away....... aaahhhhhhhhhhh

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