20 March 2008

Today is MY Friday! Sorta....

Okay so today is Thursday but really sort of my Friday! YAY.... It's Spring Break time for the girls but the schools and their before/after school program obviously don't communicate or something! It's such a pain in my behind to deal with schedules for everyone. So today is their last day of school until the 31st, so no school tomorrow, but how dumb is it that the Spring Break Camp Program isn't available until Monday, not tomorrow! So instead of paying extra daycare money I'm taking the day off... Well, part of it, I have to come in midday and deal with some meetings and planning stuff for work, but other than that I'm free to roam! So my oldest daughter's birthday has Easter falling on it this year on the 23rd, so we had to schedule something for that too, although she's scheduled to be with her real mom we're trying to work something out. Anyway, we've been invited to a baptism for Sunday and I plan to do our regular Easter stuff, Saturday we color eggs, Sunday morning the Easter Bunny, i.e. Mother Hen Liz, delivers baskets... well not in the morning, more like in the middle of the night! So it's a full weekend like usual.

I also have to move the remaining items back into the office or in other various places in my house. Today and tomorrow I'll also be having my BFF's family over, she closed on her NEW house today so we'll take some stuff over there this evening and then again tomorrow and through the weekend.... New houses are FUN! :)

What else? What else? Hummmm, I'm sure I'll find something to do, I am reading a good book, One for the Money, so I'm anxious to get through that, and I plan to start some scrapbooking layouts but we'll see if I get everything moved back in! :)

But to finish off my week at work, that has seemed to take forever; I'm adding a "wish I was there" photo.....

This is the Air Force in 2006 for a show they did in Albuquerque, over Kirtland Air Force Base. Don't get me wrong, I am ALLLLL Army, but these pilots are insanely awesome! They do a great show and they do even greater work our country. I love watching them, they are extremely loud though and they sneak up on you! So I would love to sit and watch them fly all day, give me a good reclining chair, a blanket and cup of Sun Tea!!! :) Enjoy, Happy Easter and have a great weekend! Adios.

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