25 March 2008

Another Monday?

No way! I have had another Monday today. I can't remember anything, I couldn't right legably today, I can barely talk, I can't believe I can type! I don't know what's wrong with me??? Okay I'm over it, I don't want to dwell in my inability to communicate with other humans....
So I was busy today, why, you ask? Probably because I let work pile up for about a week and a half just so I could have a busy day. Yeah that lasted all of 3 hours today. Please, if you have a job like this, I want to hear about it, chat with me, comment, send me stuff, anything, really, I'm serious. I can't think of anyone I have ever known or will know that would have even had a job like this. I am in awe that they pay me to blog and search the web. I had a meeting today with my soon to be boss--my current one is retiring--and he said... What do you want from me? I said... WORK would help! He laughs because I am blunt with him, but he was the one that said I needed to be honest with him. Second question, Where do you want to go, where would you like to move up in this company? -- Really he asked me that. I said well, I'd really like to go work in Italy with blankity blank's group, and as for moving up in the company, I have thought about moving up, but just not with this company. Hummmm an odd silence entered here.... and went on to about...... here.... Soooooooo is the meeting over? Yeah right, I wasn't that lucky, I think he was shocked but he just was as shocked that I've been sitting here more than a year with nothing to do. So I mean really, what's he going to do? Fire me? I doubt it, I really do alot of work for alot of people, supporting about 100 people but it's that I'm sooooo efficient---as my friend put it. haha..

Okay enough about work, I need a quick fast solution to lose 30 pounds before next Friday! I have a wedding to go to and I am bound to see a million people from Highschool and my home town there. Okay maybe not a million being that my graduating class had a whopping 32 people! But anyway, I need to slim down in a week, can you say procrastination? Yup, that's me, so I intend to re-introduce myself to these people that "used" to be my friends like this---hello, I'm still Liz, and this is the 30+ pounds I've gained since I last saw you.... good day.

I wish I could be like those people on Biggest Loser and lose like 12 pounds in a week, yeah that would work, I'd be happy with that.... YEAH RIGHT!

Okay so have you noticed my hastily voice (see I can't talk--I don't even think that makes sense) Anyway, I'm a bit on edge, I wasn't going to post about this but I figured I should somewhat explain myself. I've been on edge and about to rip out my hair and hang all my kids by their toes because I'm just a bit stressed out... why? Because this week/last week would have been my delivery date of another baby. I miscarried in July of 07 and I had a due date of March 19/20, but I always deliver a week late, so it would have been this week probably, today more than likely. And I'm stressed. So there.

So this is where I wish I was, at the beach laying out, without a care in the world. Join me!

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

So sorry about the miscarriage. You have every right to be stressed. Take care! Hugs to you!