24 March 2008

RAK at Crazy for Crafting!

Okay so there are 2, count em 2 giveaways at Crazy for Crafting and I want to win Number 1 so we had to post a picture of us and how we look today. So this is me, today, at work, with the Crazy for Crafting site up, and the goodies I would like to win. YAY. I thnk I was supposed to post the picture on her comments section but I can figure it out... So here it is!

haha.. Yeah can you tell I do LOTS of work! I had to try to be sneaky cause my camera is a bit loud but I got the shot! :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

No, this is EXACTLY what you were supposed to do . . . post a "today" photo on your blog! Great job Liz, very nice photo, and it cracks me up that my blog is up in the background! Great job being sneaky!! Too funny! I hope you had a nice Easter!

Liz :) said...

Okay, I was sooo unsure of what I was supposed to do, I reread your post thinking I missed something. I'm still new at this so I get to play the "newbie" card still! :) Haha, I thought it would be funny to have your blog in the background, I thought someone would have done it.... FIRST! :)