05 March 2008

Busy day?

Yeah I guess it was a busy day, miracles doooo happen, because all of a sudden I looked a the clock and it was 4! How'd that happen? Well I came in today thinking I had nothing to do but low and behold I had a stack of things on my desk. Geesh! So I finished all that up, and got my day going, took a long lunch for a hydro-massage today. If you have never done this, you have to. It's those stupid capsule things that are in the mall, but the one I went to you don't have to lay face down and get that ring around your face from the "cushion". It was amazing, I didn't want to move after, I just wanted to stay there and fall asleep!

But I didn't, instead I came back to work and did some more work. I can't believe it. I had a busy day! Anyway, I didn't have time to write or look for crafts and all that junk today so I'm leaving you with another, Wish I Was Here Photo! Enjoy!

Venice? Ohhhh no, my dears, I tricked you, it's Vegas! My husband took me to Vegas last July and that was the first time I had been back to Vegas since I lived there when I was 8, roughly 20 years ago, 1988, Holy Cow! Back then I had only remembered Circus Circus and the apartment complex we lived in and going swimming every day! Now I have entirely new picture of Vegas. I wouldn't mind going back and I definately wouldn't mind bringing back some of that extra cash they got there!
I'll post some ACTUAL photos of Venice and my honeymoon cruise when I find the CDs. :) Remember, I'm still organizing all the thousands so be patient! Love ya!

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