19 March 2008

More Pictures - Moving back in!

Yup, I was up til Midnight lastnight moving stuff back into my office, although when you look at my cluttered dining room table it doesn't look like I've made a dent. I don't think that half the stuff that was in my office actually belonged there, I think it was one of those magnetic black holes that just sucked up all the crap that we didn't feel like putting away! haha... Anyhow here are some pics of stuff that I've moved back in. I have to tell you again, I LOVE IT!

Above: The bookshelf, some of my favorite books, and some books I intend to read this year. Bottom shelf has lots of EMPTY scrapbooks, waiting to be filled!
Below: As pictured above the bookshelf, my 9-11 Tribute Book and my Pieta Statue that I got in Rome, just sending some extra love and prayers to all the victims and their families.

Above: The Hutch to the extra half-desk where my laptop will be, giving me a full desk to scrap on.
Below: A little blurry pic of the hutch with open doors, these are boxes and boxes of pictures! What's bad... is that this isn't all of the pictures that I intend to scrap!Below: A close up of the open space in the hutch, from left to right on top, my wedding candle from the wedding ceremony, Elvis from my brother, I love him, yes both my brother and Elvis! and my wedding topper and the tiara that I wore for the ceremony. Bottom, left to right is a picture of me and my Grandma, Muah-about 9 years ago, but I LOVE this picture of us, she's so darn cute! :) and my "P" so I can remember what my married last name starts with! haha, and last but not least a picture of me and my friend of 15 years, my BFF. I have more nice frames from my wedding in 2005 that I am filling with Family to put on the wall!

Above: The hutch over the lateral file, on the top of the hutch is my "toot my horn" area, all 3 of my degrees and my gold cords for graduating with honors! On the top shelf is random things to the left, a basket full of flowers, add ons, pop up stickers, misc. stuff really, second shelf, paper, adhesives, basket full of markers, pens, pencils, and crafting books standing upright. Bottom shelve is hard to see but there is a clear cylinder with buttons-half full, the starry pink box filled with chipboard and cards, some flowers in the small purple box, and projects to do or started in the pile of "stuff".
Below: One of the shelves in my main desk, top shelf is my label maker, Cricut cartridges, and hot works tool, second shelf is paper cutters and camera charger, third is my Cricut!

Below: One drawer in my desk, filled with scissors, paper clips, and my basket of my generic stamps that I have inherited from my girls. :)

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

You're getting organized! What fun! I need to COMPLETELY clean up my area! I actually want to use my Cricut to our guest room once we get the guest room more organized. I don't use it enough on my desk, so it needs a new space. I love your area. Have fun with the rest of it!