01 April 2008

Let the Scrapbooking begin!

And so it has begun! I finally created my first real scrapbook page, with all the fixin's. I am happy it came out like it did, I was unsure if the reds would match or if it would go together but it doesn't look bad for my first go around. (In the picture it looks almost pink, but I assure you, it's red) I did start 2 other scrapbooks for my mom and my mother in law for Christmas, I started them and figured they could add pictures to them but now with my new found love of the "art" I think I will redo their books, I think I didn't do a good job, so we'll see what they think. Anywho, here is the layout. :) I figured I would start with my wedding since they are almost the only pictures that I have FULLY organized. I LOVE my wedding pictures!

This is a close up of the main picture, I bordered it with white ribbon from Hobby Lobby, I didn't do the bordering exactly, I put it off to the side so everything didn't look symetrical.

This is the right side of the layout, I added petals that I salvaged from what my girls threw down the aisle at the church. In the picture it looks like they don't match the other red but in person they match pretty well.

This is the bottom, showing our names, I just never go by Elizabeth, just Liz. :)
So, how'd I do? I'm pretty excited that I got started and you just might be able to stop me now. :) As for other things, I had a loooonng and tiring weekend, I took Friday off but spent all day cleaning and getting the girls ready for Nemo on Ice (pictures are below). Saturday was a party for my husband's friend's daughter--yeah I know, confusing. Sunday was my daughter Alex's birthday party, she turned 9! I can't believe it! So here's some more pics of the weekend. Enjoy!

She's waiting patiently for her sister's Birthday Cake.. :)

Doesn't she look so happy???? Look at those Birthday Balloons, made of icing! Yikes!
And last, but certainly not least..... My Rockstar! Skinny mini with her flare jeans and bubbles! You go girl! :)
Look it's Crush! He was cute and HUGE!
The openers of the show, it's Minnie, Mickey and Goofy! YAY, all in scuba gear for the Nemo-Underwater Adventure!
It's Marlin and Dori--looking for Nemo!
Lookkkkk, it's Nemo! No wait, that's Nevaeh! haha :)
There's NEMO! :) Not very clear, but he's there! haha

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! I love your page! Gorgeous photos and the way you put it together is VERY elegant! I love the white ribbon border, and the petals are fantastic. Well done!

Nemo on Ice looks great! Cute photos of your girls! Your daughter looks quite thoughtful staring at her cake! Thinking of her wish, perhaps? Thanks for sharing!