28 April 2008

Dresses and Parties

Oh boy was this weekend a doosey! Okay, starting off with Mikayla's birthday which was really the 26th, but she somehow made out with 4 parties, yes I said FOUR! She had a little gift giving last weekend at my sister's house (party #1) which I showed pictures of last week with the girls' suprised faces; another at school-just cake (party #2), pictured here, which to me seems like whomever wrote this message on the cake had a shaky hand. Maybe it's just me and I like everything tip-top.... or not.. let me know... :)

Above... that's Mikayla munching some cake for Party #2... Below... yup, you guessed it, Part #3, Mikayla had friends over from her class and we went to Red Lobster for lunch, then to watch Nim's Island and shopping at the Dollar Tree. Each girl chose 3 items to buy and we went home. It was a tiring day, let me tell ya!So this was party cupcakes that I made... Yay! they were good, it was white cake with sprinkles in the cake, then chocolate frosting an dmore sprinkles.. Yummooo
And on to party #4 and my hectic Sunday. In the morning I had an hour or so quiet time, the house was so quiet I told my mom it was strange (She drove last minute on Saturday to help with party #3--thanks mom!) Okay so after my mom left back home and the girls went shopping with their other grandma we got ready for the Princess Party at the neighbor's house. This party was completely Princess, no dress, no entry, and so on. They had a makeup station and manicure station, and they played games and ate. I have to say the girls enjoyed it alot! Even our Tommy Girl Alex went, and we got her in a dress! I thought it was going to snow and blizzard and bring El Nino Numero Dos, Thres and Cuatro on us! So here they are....
Aren't they some sassy Princesses! You go girls! Show em' who's boss!
Mikayla just anxious to go.. Hurry up mom, take the picture already!
Nevaeh all jazzed up, matching shoes too! :)
Makeup and nails are essentials to be Princesses! :)
Okay, so onward, after the princess party we were off to run home and get ready for party #4, it was only supposed to be cake and icecream, then we decided to feed everyone too, darn! haha :)So Hotdogs and Hamburgers was the meal and cake and icecream followed. This cake to be exact.

Mikayla shares her candle sticks with Alex... how sweet!
Okay... do you see something wrong with this cake??? I do! I do! How about her name is spelled wrong! It's McKayla like freaking McDonald's... Come on people.. how many cakes do you do a freaking day, a month, a year? I even wrote the name down!!!! Come on!!!!
So I attempted to take a little off the C and add it as the dot to the I, but there's no denying that capital K there and all the shakiness to the M and H... geesh! They kill me! Can't I get a decent cake without having to do it myself???? huh? huh???
Okay so was that enough? Was that enough stuff for my weekend??? Yeah just about, because I'm wore out today! Tired, lazy and having to go home and do laundry because I didn't have time this weekend...

The things I do for my children! :)


Lauren said...

Look at all those beautiful princesses! WOW! I am so dying for one of those cupcakes right now. Great photos Liz.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Fun stuff! Pretty aggravating with the cake misspelling! Love the princesses! You really know how to celebrate with all of those parties!!