10 April 2008

Layouts! 4 Layouts, can you believe?!!

I can't believe it but when I started scrapping lastnight I just got so into it that I lost track of time and before you know it, it was 11:30. So I went to bed. But here are the layouts. I am doing my wedding book first and of course I have a theme, red, white and black, my wedding colors of course so it's been hard to keep to that. So please, I'm a beginner and this is what I came up with, comments are welcome, tell me how I can improve. PLEASE! :)

This one (above) I was really inpressed with, again I put in the petals from the wedding--it will be a going theme throughout the book til I'm out of them. The love tag has sticker letters in silver with some silver grommets, the white ribbon is plain old white ribbon and the dots are from the craft paint I mentioned in an earlier posting. Here's some close ups below.You can see the tag and the dots and the heart button I got in a button bag at Hobby Lobby.There's the petals again with a plain old circle and a flower that was light blue and I Sharpied it to black. Two red glitter dots for me and my hubby. :) Below is another page--sorry for the blurryness but I just can't figure out how to get a clear picture of these. ugh..
Again I used the craft paint for the white lines and the little swirlies, 2005 in stickers and the black ribbon again. The little square on the bottom was all red and white but I traced over with a black marker pen the words "remember" and "cherish". Here's some close ups below.That's the craft pain, I free-handed the swirly and it came out pretty good. :)Another blurry pic, sorry, but you can see the swirly and where I traced over in black the words.
Another page, this was me and all the girls in the wedding and then my family, and I just realized this is the FIRST full family picture of me and all my siblings and their significant others! Wow... Sorry it's blurry again. I did some plain jane circles with some craft paint additions and buttons and the word "Joy" which I'm not too sure about.. I think I'm going to change this up tonight, I am not happy with how it turned out.Here is the closeups, I'm not really digging this page... I wrote all the wedding parties' names down and flower girls. Still not happy with this. Maybe I'll post a new one of these pics and start from scratch again. :)

Here's the last page, which I'm not sure I dig either.. :) It was late people, and I'm a beginner so I don't think I like it. Too plain, it needs oomph, but I think my idea of wanting it all only in three colors is limiting me. Anyway below are the closeups.This is a closeup of the "forever" from my Cricut, I'm not sure that the font style matches the theme. This is my home-made flower out of my petals with a grommet thing-a-ma-jig in the middle.
Okay that's the end of what I did lastnight. Below I'm catching up on the pool party pics that I took on Sunday.

This is the water contraption at the swimming pool, it's nice cause the water around it is only about 6-12 inches on either side of it. So the little ones got to play all during the party too.Her thoughts here are "uh oh, I think I just got reallyyyyy wet".

But look how much fun she's having. I didn't take her swimsuit because I didn't plan on staying but with this face I couldn't resist!Mikayla was being real careful not to fall since Nevaeh just bit the dust earlier. :) And so this long post must come to an end..... See ya tomorrow! :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I love your pages. I think a wedding book is good for a beginner to work on, because you're keeping the pages simple, but because of the theme, it comes across as elegant. Also, I think the three colors are great. You could shop for patterned papers that have just black, red, and white in them. I would think there has to be quite a few, and that would jazz it up quite a bit. On the page with the written names, you mentioned that you didn't really like it. The bottom photo is really on a big angle. I think it you put it just slightly more horizontal, on less of an angle, it might make a difference. However, with that said, it also looks fine just the way it is. Seriously! Great job!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh yeah, CUTE swimming pics! That sad face photo is priceless! What a change in the 2nd photo of her!!

Lauren said...

These are great. Scrapping is about personal expression - you did awesome. Great photos too!

Deb said...

Your girls are adorable, just too precious!! Love your pages they are fabulous! Congrats if you were recently married and even if not! The pictures are gorgeous!!

Thanks for the link and for stopping by my blog!