17 April 2008

YAY it's Thursday!

YAY on a Thursday?? Well yes, because I'm taking the day off tomorrow and driving up north to see my sister and my nephew in Colorado. Oh yeah and my brother in law! :) Just kidding. I can't wait to see them all and have a nice fun, relaxing weekend! So I will be outta here tomorrow and I'll post back on Monday.

You'll be mad at me anyway because I did 4 page layouts lastnight and I forgot to take pictures so I can post today, I figured it would be okay since I was planning on coming to work tomorrow. But things changed and I will not be working tomorrow, not that I ever do anyway! :) So, so sorry, but it was a bad posting week for me, and I guess for you too if you if you rely on my postings to fill your day with warmth and joy! Yeah right, I know I'm fooling myself, I got ONE, maybe TWO blog readers and they are probably pretty busy. :) heehee.

Talk to you on Monday, have a great weekend.

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Wendy Cassidy said...

Liz you won my blog candy...yay you finally won :) Anyway email me your address so I can send it out to you. wendy.cassidy@hotmail.com