15 April 2008

Okay, today's a better blogging day.

First off I want to mention a cool new site I've discovered lately. So scoot on over and say hello to Misty and see some of her amazing cards and scrapping. She's a fellow New Mexican and not to mention how cool she is besides that, by mentioning her today and you scooting over to her site, I get entered in a drawing for some free stuff :) {fingers crossed}

Although I've really wanted to throw my computer out the window, but I restrained myself from doing that and so I bring you---Tuesday's Blog. :) I didn't scrap lastnight because to tell you the truth, I was lazy and I was really into watching "Driving Miss Daisy" haha, okay you can stop laughing now. It's an older movie and I've never watched it but I got into it lastnight and watched it. It's a good one and I was amazed that my husband sat through the whole thing! Anywhoooo here's some pics of 2 layouts I did on Sunday. Let me know what you think.

Okay I just love, love, love this picture (Above), minus the freaking parking lot that never got photoshopped out but the mountains the really blue sky, the clouds and of course US, KISSing, haha, really it's my favorite picture of me and my hubby, but this is what I did with it... You like?
These are the up close shots, the forever and ever and ever I got at Michael's awesome sale last week as well as all the new paper and chipboard you'll see in the upcoming weeks.
The paper above is so nice, fibery white paper with confetti hearts, I loved it and almost didn't want to cut into it but I'm glad I did. Below is all about Family, even though I'm not sure the letters match right but oh well, it's here to stay. :)
Up close shots are below... there's those pesky not matching letters--they weren't all the same size but I can't complain since they were on a really good sale, now I know why.... :)
And an upclose of that Hawaiin-ish flower again with some puffy paint for the center. Sorry for the glare, I was too lazy to take it out of the book for the picture! :)
I just wanted to update you on how my desk has been looking lately, since I got it all organized and now it's well.. not... organized. But I'm using it and well it's cluttered but I love it anyway. :)


Lauren said...

It looks organized to me :)
Great layouts - they are so romantic.

Nancy Face said...

Your pages look GREAT, and I love the kissing picture! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog! :)