04 April 2008


Ohhhh, need I say or scream this any louder TGIF!!! Geesh, I can't believe this week has finally ended, for a while there it seemed like it was going to go on forever. The crazy meetings finally ended and the retirement party I've been planning is over tonight, early for me because I'm sick and I refuse to party it up with supervisors and coworkers that I really don't like. haha :) Just kidding, but really it's true. Then I get to really party it up tomorrow with all the highschool friends I haven't seen in a while, and some un-named people that I really would rather not see, at my friend's wedding. So we'll see how that goes, it might be a short night tomorrow too!

Sunday I plan to scrapbook and clean of course, what's a day off without cleaning?!?
Okay enough about me.... what about you? Your plans for the weekend? Your Life? I don't hear from you!?! So comment, email me, whatever, just communicate. :)

Sorry this is short but I'm still sick and I'm tired, so I'm sick and tired of being at work, and well I'm outta here for the day. See ya on Monday!

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