22 April 2008

On a Rolllllll....

Geesh, 2 days in a row, I won again, this time at Dougnat Diaries a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), I was runner up on her blog candy. THANKS! I'm so happy! :)

In other news I owe some pictures of my latest layouts and I do have to say either I'm getting better or I'm just really tired now (I went to the zoo today with a ton of kindergarteners and then came back to work--more on that later). So here they are, layouts! :)

So this is my napkin layout, it has my original napkin that we used, up close is below, and I cut off the feather that was on my signing pen for the guest book. The clear sticker on the right under the picture says 'Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, a Fairytale happens', that sticker I had put on all the table favors, which were red, black and white little chinese take out boxes. :)
This is my invitation layout 'Today I will marry my best friend', you can see below that I stamped the word Dream and added some white dots with puffy paint, completed with a white circles on red paper.
I added some metal additions that said 'promise' and 'now & forever' which basically means he's stuck with me :) I also added the white dots again.
In case you don't like looking at things all crooked the straight one is below, it shows the white dots in order and I cut out another image of our invitation and popped it up with some puffy tape stuff (don't you love that I'm so technical?)
And most of all my favorite layout thus far. My hubby, my oldest and my middle daughter which fell asleep after the church ceremony. But I tore the paper all over the place.. :) haha and the red stickers say 'truly perfect'. I also cut out the 'mine' with my cricut using the same red paper that I tore on the left side. :) Snazzy???!!!??? Yeah I think sooooo.
Up close, crooked if you like it above and straight below :)

All this paper tearing has reminded me of the very special event that happened yesterday, in which I got home from work, 3 kids in tow and upon entering my home I realized that both of the dogs were in the house and had attempted to RE-CARPET my downstairs rooms with MAGAZINES! If you don't believe me, see the pictures below.... what a mess!

Isn't this lovely??? This is my downstairs living room... Lovely....
Up close with magazines from Target, Victoria's Secret and Crate and Barrel... Lovely I say..
Oh yeah, that's the whole picture...
This is what leads into the next room... more paper... they were making a paper trail for sure!
And lastly, from the dogs point of view, they might think this is okay... Me? Not so much, that little skunk looking thing is their toy, why didn't they rip that thing up? Better yet, why were they playing with that so they didn't have to tear up my magazines.. oh yeah my Home and Gardens mag was in there too! Ugh...

On a lighter note I went to the zoo today with a gazillion kindergarteners! Okay maybe not that many but I was in charge of a few and my own so these are the pics I got, I don't want to post the ones we took of the kids because I don't know how their parents would feel about it... So here are the animals and plants. :)

Rhinos and Zebras.. duh... like I needed to tell you.. :) The zebras just seemed to stay and pose for a long time for me.
This guy, the alligator/crocodile thing scared the daylights out of me, I was looking and looking and all I saw were rocks then his eyes opened and forget it, my knees were mush.. :)
Kangaroo here thought it was necessary to cross his arms while he fell asleep under the tree, nodding off and then waking up to my flash! :)
I was waiting for this guy to roar but he sipped some water and then plopped on his back to nap again.... boooo...
Our Nation's Bird---the ginormous Bald Eagle, they were awesome as usual!
And lastly to complete the post were these colorful flowers, I love when flowers are so bright and blooming...
Have a good Tuesday night and see ya tomorrow! :)


the MomBabe said...

Your pages are so cute. My wedding pages are all black and white and red. ♥ it!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Love your layouts (you are really moving on the wedding layouts . . . wow!), the magazines all ripped up is funny (sorry, but it is . . . see I can say that because I didn't have to clean it up!! If it had happened here . . . not so funny!), and GREAT photos from the zoo! WOW!

Lauren said...

What a fun outing with all the little ones! These are great layout and the photos you picked are perfect.