02 April 2008

Feeling sick... real sick....

Okay, I don't know what I did to deserve this but I'm sick, sick like I want to curl up and die sick. My stomach hurts, my head hurts, my body aches, my head is stuffy, I can barely breathe through one nostril and my eyes keep welling up with tears from somewhere. All I want to do is go home and go to sleep, NOW! But wait, this week is the first week in how many years that I've actually been busy with work and what? Now I'm sick. So what if... just what if... I'm allergic to work?!? Haha, I would only hope. I wonder if I could get disability pay for that?
Okay well other than being sick, there isn't much else going on, I fell into a deeeeeeep sleep lastnight on the couch, then I moved upstairs to my bed and my husband said that I refused to take our youngest daughter downstairs for soda/water, which by the way, I don't remember at all! I was out of it! So I'm not talking about being sick right??? Okay, we went truck shopping lastnight, my husband has his mind set on this truck that he wants and while I was feeling under the weather last night, he decided to take me TRUCK SHOPPING! Is he crazy? Did he think that would really make me want the truck more? Okay, I'm just venting now, because I'm sick and I'm not supposed to be talking about being sick, and I'm sure when I re-read this I'm going to wonder what the hell I was trying to say.
Anywho, I'm sick! Can you tell? I'm not mad... nope... JUST SICK!

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

Moms shouldn't get sick. I've said that many times. It's horrible. It sound like you need to crawl into bed and catch up on a lot of sleep. Take care. I hope you feel better soon.