16 April 2008

600 viewers

Today for some reason I'm blog surfing and finding all these great giveaways that bloggers are giving because they have hit a certain amount of viewers. I, however am only at 600 so I will think of something to give away when I get higher. :) So if you want a chance to win some blog goodies check out these spots and enter, add a comment and see if you win!

The Voices in My Head
An InkLing of Love
Fresh and Fun
I {heart} To Stamp
Sharing My Obsession
Bela's Creating Place

And of course I mentioned Lil Bucks Creations yesterday. So go blog surfing, add a comment and you might win some blog candy. YAY! Enjoy


Belas Creating Place said...

Hello Liz: thanks for looking in on Bela's creating place. Hopefully I can rectify the confusion on my part. I have only posted up to day 5. Today is Wed April 16th and the letter will be posted as soon as I go over to my blog. Please hurry and get your guess in to my e-mail...will be posted today, if you think you know what it is.
Thanks for playing and good luck.
Nice wedding LOs and good luck with the blog, I will come by and say hello.

The UnMighty said...

Since I'm the first to comment on this post, I feel like I deserve something.

Good luck getting those numbers up.

Lim said...

Thanks for taking part in my blog candy and for your kind comments about my cards. I wish you good luck on the drawing and stop by at my place again some time
Have a nice day. Hugs,

Mistylynn said...

Yes, we've got flurries here too and although I don't really want summer yet I'd like some SPRING!
Take care.