11 April 2008

Redone Layouts

Okay, like I mentioned yesterday I didn't really like the last two layouts very much, I wasn't happy with them, so I changed them lastnight and now I feel better about them. Take a lookie... This was the BEFORE photo above, I didn't like the circles and I thought it was too plain. Carol had mentioned that the bottom photo was too much at an angle and now that I look at it, it really is twisted. So thanks but I got your message after I had changed the layout. :) So below is the AFTER photo and I like it soooo much better. :)

I see now that the bottom picture is still at a slightly bigger angle than the other one, however this time it doesn't look so bad I think... hummm... Anywho I added some numbers from my Cricut-basic George cartridge-120305 this is our wedding date and sorry but I put it in "Army language" this is how the Army writes dates and if you didn't know I was in the Army and this among all things stuck with me--dates. Why couldn't it have been the running 10 miles a day that stuck with me? Oh noooo, the dates!?! Okay on to more layouts, so below are the up close details, the flower and the brad (?) or grommet or whatever is in the middle of the dag gummed flower, it's that silver thingy. :) And the word "blessings" also from my Cricut, it was originally Birthday Blessing but I just cut off the Birthday and ta-da!!!... Blessings! :)

So below I also changed how I put the names of the wedding party, I just wrote everyone in and added some hearts. Yay... Big whoop right? Say yes, amuse me! :)

Okay so that's that and now for the other one I changed, this one I'm still not sure I like though. Here is the BEFORE below.

What I didn't like was how the words didn't really match the layout. So here is the improved one BELOW.This one is better but I still only think it's okay... I like the flowers and the placement of pictures but I am having a hard time with the red corner and the hearts now. I covered up the words but now the hearts seem a bit Valentiney for the layout but I think I'll leave it. Maybe I'll come up with something more later and change it up again. The details are below.
Up close with the heart, some Sharpie action around the heart and some white dots. YAY. (Can you hear my sarcasm?)
I love this flower but I'm not sure it goes with my wedding theme, it's too "on the beach" type or something. I don't know, it's blah.

So I think that's it, that was my creations for last evening. You know the drill, comment, give me inspiration, ideas, ways to improve, blah, blah, blah. :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think you are your own worst critic, because the "before" layouts were fine, and the "after" layouts are also good! You know what's important? You're getting layouts DONE!! It's all about preserving the memory. I think they're great. Have a good weekend!

Lauren said...

I think you had done a fabulous job but great redos! Nicely done.