14 April 2008

Sorry, not today.

Okay, I was sorta busy at work and then right when I decided to blog I looked at the clock and it's almost time to go. Then I realized that my husband has my car, so I can't go anywhere! Darn, so he's on his way and I have little time to post. I don't have pictures of the layouts from this weekend but I'll post them tomorrow. I have church class tonight so I can baptize my nephew this weekend! YAY! Early congrats Nate! :) So, sorry for the short post but I'll be back tomorrow.

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

I AM lucky to have gotten that punch. I really like it, and apparently it's impossible to find. I looked at FOUR Target stores. Now, at Target, it could be mixed in with the other border punches. I guess Target brings them in as an "assortment", and at the ones I looked at, there was Assortment I and Assortment II. So, look behind other kinds, and it just might be hiding. I had no such luck, and the lady who sold it to me is in Maryland, and she found it at Target. It was the ONLY one there, and she's had hers for a while now. Go figure!