03 April 2008

Still feeling horrible.

Sorry, I know my posts haven't been the most exciting but today I really am feeling sick again. It never fails me to get sick when the weather starts to heat up, and now that I'm sick it's ugly outside, looks like rain is headed for us. Hopefully I'll be home in bed when it comes, or at least curled up on the couch with a blanket, drooling on my pillow! :) Okay, I'll try not to drool, but you know what I mean, that lovely, warm snuggle, and listening to the rain hit the windows, blah, blah, blah, even trying to imagine that is not helping me. Point blank I feel horrible and I'm not so sure what's going to make it better. Going to a retirement party tomorrow might help. Yeah right, I doubt it, I planned the dumb party and now they expect me to attend it as well? I don't like mixing my home life with my work life, I'm already not so social after hours, but to be social with co-workers out of the workplace? NO WAY! Don't get me wrong, I have my "work-gals" that I would love to hang out with on the weekends because they really do make my job easier and more fun but really.... hanging out with my supervisors isn't exactly what I call a great party time. haha... You get the point.

I also have a wedding to go to on Saturday for a friend that I have literally known my whole life, okay well I didn't know him my first 5 years of breathing but I knew him since kindergarten, isn't that crazy? How many of you still keep in touch with people you knew in kindergarten? Not many I'm sure, but he lives down the street from me, we email and talk every once and a while and there was never a year that went by in the last 23 years that I didn't talk to him so I guess I have to go to his wedding! hah. Funny thing is, I don't even know the girl he's marrying, never met her. Oh well, I guess I'll meet her Saturday!

So tomorrow I guess I'm working all day, figuring out all the party planning for my boss' retirement party and finally getting some work done since my weekly meetings are over FINALLY! Can you believe, little ole me was working 11 and 10 hour days! No way! Yes way! I can tell you and cross my heart I am pooped!
Okay other than the junk I just babbled about nothing is going on, my being sick has haulted all scrapbooking and has led me to fall asleep on the couch every night this week with no desire to get up. So sorry, but here is a picture of where I wish I was--instead of work that is. :)
It's PARIS! Or a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris anyway! So did I trick you? Can you guess where this actually is? This Eiffel Tower is actually in San Diego, California and it's made out of Legos! Yes, you read that correctly--LEGOS! This is in LegoLand, which I have to say is a great place for kids under 12. We went there on our family vacation last year and it was the girl's favorite place. Below are some other picture I took there, everything you see is made out of LEGOS.....

Yup, an elephant made out of Legos, and look behind him to the right, you can see the large legos that make up a bridge down the way.

New York... Do you see Our Lady Liberty.A church, if this is significant I'm sorry, but i don't know what church it is, the only one that comes to mind is one of the ones that I saw when I went to Washington DC, but really, most of the churches with steeples like this all look alike. :) No offense...The White House, with the marching band in the front, the Washington Monument in the back. Amazing.The famous Iwo Jima Statue, forgive me if this isn't the right name but I wasn't too much of a history wiz.Look! There! On the mountain! It's LEGOWOOD!And of course my favorite! These were the RVs parked around the Indy 500 track, I had to get a close-up. Enjoy!

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Kristy said...

Hey, Liz! Thanks for visiting my blog. How did you find me?

I love your pics, & your scrapbook page of your wedding pics looks great! I love to scrapbook, but I never seem to have the time. I'm in the middle of re-prioritizing my life, & this mom is going to start taking time to do the things she likes to do! (Okay, check back in a few weeks to see if I follow thru. LOL)

What kinds of problems is your daughter having? In reading, does she have difficulty with decoding/sounding out words, with fluency (how quickly she reads with little or no errors), with comprehension, or all of it? How about math? Is the trouble with the math operations, or understanding the word problems? This will help me look in my "bag of tricks." Also, has she been tested for any learning problems?

I hope you are feeling better! After two weeks of the same kind of junk, I am finally feeling better. Of course, living in the south this time of year means lots of allergies, too.