21 August 2008

It's cold in here!

Why is it that in the summer they crank up the AC so much that everyone is freezing their toes off, then when it's cold they either don't put the heat on enough or they put it on so much that we're sweating????

It's like we can't win! I hate it... So here I am in my office, freezing, cold, having to drink HOT coffee to stay warm (By the way I just spilled it on my WHITE shirt!!! Probably because my face was so frozen it was numb and I didn't feel the cup against my lips!) and it's freaking 95 degrees outside! Does that even sound a little bit okay???

So in honor of freezing temperatures on hot days I give you the Polar Bears living in San Diego! A little bit of what I like to callllllll.... Polar BURRRRRR! :)

I really love the blue, black and white combo lately. I have done a few... and I love them! This was a basic Royal blue background.... from some paperpack that I got for Christmas like 2 years ago.. :)
I added this chipboard, it was only white and blue but I got a black sharpie and squiggled around it it messily to incorporate the black color so it would match...
I also squiggled all around the pictures with a black sharpie, my white pen and a black pen... I did the same on the white letters that were cut from my Making the Grade Cricut cart. The arrow I free handed on a white paper then cut it out with the xacto knife so you can see the messy lines.
I matted all three pictures twice, once with black and once with white, I put my favorite photo on the top, making it the focal point.
I found this little button snowflake in my button stash, it's real glittery but the picture doesn't show it well... darn...

Anyhow... I love the layout and I'll be getting lots more done through the week and the weekend. :) Happy crafting!

Oh yeah and I'm so proud of myself.. I got my ass up and ran lastnight on the treadmill for 30 minutes! yikes... it's amazing that I'm walking at all today! : )


Lauren said...

Great layout - it feels cold! hehe.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Awesome layout! Love the doodling! Fantastic photos!