27 August 2008

A card and a page??? Geesh!

I got a few things done yesterday and I know I'm not a card maker but my daughter wanted to make her teacher a birthday card but didn't have time lastnight since we were watching Penelope --(Great movie by the way-it had a great moral to the story). So after she went to bed I decided to suprise her with a card that I made for her teacher. I did the card late last night and the page was done a few days ago but geesh... I got two things in one day to post here! :)

First off, Happy Birthday Ms. Hernandez!This base pink circle paper is 3 Bugs from a RAK that I got from Wendy and the white polka dots paper I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. The Pink polka dots square and the cupcake I re-used from a card I had in my stash, and the flowers are Prima of course!
I used my threading water punch for the edge--man I love that thing! I added the square from the original card, rounded the edges and double taped it on.
This little tab of ribbon I also got from Wendy. I popped up the cupcake on dots, they didn't pop too high though... oh well.. it's still cute!

The HB is some of my favorite chipboard letter stickers from Hobby Lobby, on sale, 1/2 off.... I love them because you can color them or leave them white and they always look good. I added the rest of Happy Birthday with a white gel pen.

Next......The page is a layout I did using the girls pictures after a looooong day of being at SeaWorld. They were, to say the least.... TIRED! Pooped out! Wasted! Barely keeping their eyes open... Okay maybe not that bad but it was tiring! :)

Plain white 12x12, I arranged the pictures how they fit without cutting off faces, ears, parts of the body, etc. :)I put this ribbon all around the edge of the right side, I wanted it to look "rough", not all prim and proper, so I stapled it to the paper with some teal colored staples. I got a Crayola fat marker in teal and wrote their names and ages along with the 2007 on the bottom...
I also used that Crayola marker to color in the white sticker chipboard (the same kind as on the card) so it matched. I like it! :) The brown is a oil chalk that I used to just swipe over the areas so the background wasn't so white and boring... I think I might still go back and add some more brown, I want to darken the edges all around and do a thick outline of the tired? portion. :) I might have an update for this one.
**P.S. sorry about the blurry pics, I'm not used to using my husband's camera... :)


Lauren said...

Great job with the lettering on the card and the layouts!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I want to see that movie with the girls! I really like the actors in it! CUTE card. I bet she's going to love it, and I'm sure your daughter is totally proud to give such a nice card to her teacher! I love the layout too. I think it's an awesome idea to scrap how tired everyone is after a long FUN day!

BTW, opening an Etsy shop is on my to do list, and it has been for quite some time. Just haven't gotten around to it yet! I also need to sell about 3 million things on eBay, and I haven't done that either!!

Nit said...

That is an adorable card! I made one the other day & I planned to post pics, but now mine doesn't look so good :)

SmilynStef said...

Love that fun little cupcake ... very cute.