25 August 2008

Now what?

I'm frustrated. My camera is completely full of pictures in the internal drive--granted it only holds about 35 pictures in there, it's FULL! My 2 gig SD card is also FULL! I don't want to get the photos all developed right now since it's going to be about $200 or more to get them all done.... BUT.... I have more pictures I want to take and I can't, which means until I either buy another SD card or get these all developed there will be NO pictures of my own on this or my other blogs.... sad huh?

Geesh! I knew it was getting close to this point but we took the girls swimming yesterday and filled up the only space on the internal drive I had left. I've gone through all 2600 pictures on the SD card to see if there are some I could "delete" but I wouldn't even dare do it!

So... I did this really cute page or 2 or 3 this weekend but I can't show them to you!!! Ugh... talk about frustration level through the roof here!

Anyhow, I guess I'll update my other blogs, go check them out if you got a chance....

And I'll leave you with a few blogs to check out as well...

**Go check out Carol she does awesome cards and scrap pages here and there!
**Go check out Lauren although not a crafty blog, she sure is witty and cute!
**Go check out another Lauren she's crafty and a runner! (I envy her) :)
**Go check out Nit she's a great writer, teacher and fellow scrapbooker!
**Go check out Sasha she's also a scrapbooker and she does some awesome pages!

Have fun blog hopping and happy crafting! I hope to resolve my "issue" soon so I can post more pics... but for now... sorry.. :(


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I don't think I understand what's going on with your photos? Can't you put them all on your computer? If your computer can't hold anymore, can't you burn them to a CD? Oh well, I hope you figure out some sort of solution!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

My goodies are posted! I seriously cannot thank you enough! THANK YOU LIZ!!

Lauren said...

You are too funny. You can run - just have to start slow. :) I will have to check out the "other" Lauren.