08 August 2008

Quick post!

Quick post today, I gotta run, it's Meet the Teacher day at school for my girls so I'm off for the day.. BUT... I promised pictures so here they are...

First, the frog, Larry....
We got an aquarium so we had to get it prepare. By WE I mean Mikayla, Nevaeh and my husband. :)
So here they are digging up some dirt to make the place feel homey...
On the way inside... Here we come Larrrryyyyy!
Adding the sand/dirt to the new home... woohoo..
They were great helpers! As always of course!
Oh look Daddy's helping too and Grandma isn't too far away! :)

Finishing up the dirt compacting... :)Ready for the transfer! Larry spent the night in a large jar and munched on a fly and a cricket.. YUM!OH LOOK! It's what MY craftiness contributed to Larry. I made him a home... haha.. crooked, quick, hot glued from scraps but it's a home and by golly he likes it! :)
Look there he is.. half burrowed in the muddy dirt stuff... can you see him.. Aghhh not really, I can't see him too much either.. :) He's there though.. really.. I promise!

Okay.. moving on quickly.. cause I have to go.. really.. I should have been gone about 10 minutes ago, good thing I can type 75 words per minute! :)

NOW for my REAL craftiness. My daughter's 3rd birthday is tomorrow. I made her THIS! Too cute, I love this little girl. I keep allllllll my old cards from any occassion and this chick was on a father's day card my husband got a few years ago, I thought she was perfect for this. Soooo I cut her out with an Xacto along with the Happy Birthday from another card and Ta-Da!

I popped her up with some pop up sticky things.. sorry I'm in a hurry and I can't think straight right now... I added two grommets and strung orange ribbon though it with a knot. :) I added 2 different primas with another grommet, let Mikayla pick the grommet color and the flowers. Good job! :)

Inside I added a sticker 3 and a chipboard flower. :) Cute, all my writing is done with white gel pen. She's going to love it! :)

Happy weekend :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

How cute! A frog! What a wonderful home you all put together for him! Cute card! Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart! I hope her day is GREAT!

tricki_nicki said...

Larry...man I love that guy.

And that card is way cute.

Lauren said...

Super cute card. I hope Larry is a good friend to your girls. :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hobby Lobby STILL doesn't have paper on sale! Well, maybe next week! (or the week after that?) Don't they know I want to spend my gift card!!