15 August 2008

I have so MUCH of nothing.....

that I didn't even post yesterday!!! I don't know what's wrong with me... Wait...yes... I know! It's the Olympics! Never have I been so into watching them, but I guess watching Michael Phelps win every race he is in and getting gold in every race he wins and breaking the World Record every time he get a gold in every race he wins- WHEW! It's insanely exciting! He's like a freaking Dolphin or something!AN EXTREMELY GOOOOOD LOOKING DOLPHIN! Geesh! So this is the reason for my lack of craftiness... it's all HIS fault! :) He won his 6th gold medal today!

Alright, that's all for now... enjoy the picture! You can OOOOhhhh and AAAAhhhh it all day long if you want.. yeah go ahead... I let you!

Oh by the way... see over there on the right side of my blog... I added a little chat box thing-a-ma-jig, you can leave a message, comment, joke.. whatever... :) I thought it would be fun for those of you that sometimes have trouble with your computers bring up comment boxes... not mentioning any names.. COUGH-Carol-COUGH... I hate my computer for the very same reason sometimes! :)
Love ya, happy crafting this weekend and happy Phelps' watching! :)


Lauren said...

I can understand why you are so distracted. hehe.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

My girls and I were totally Fascinated with Phelps too! He's AMAZING! It's thrilling watching him fly!