12 August 2008

Ready to Learn and Get Some Knowledge!!!

What's that line from??? huh???? Can you guess?

Well I say that because today... was... the first day back to school! Yikes the summer flewwww by! But the girls were ready and I'm sure they had tons of fun today, they're getting out right now, I'm still at work otherwise I would have got them myself. :(

So here they are!!!! 1st and 4th graders! And my wanna be school-ager...
They picked their own clothes for today and they did a great job... :)
This is RARE! Rare as rare can be... A photo of Alex smiling. I don't even remember what we told her to make her smile but I'm glad I'm quick with the camera! haha

Look at Ms. Snazzy here! She is too much! I just want to squeeze her!
And little Ms. Peanut... all dressed in pink! She's so funny... She reallyyyyy wanted to start school today... :(
Here's Mikayla almost out the door after I put some clips in her hair... She's ready to go with her Camp Rock backpack. :)

Here's the little one... I caught her with her eyes half closed... darn... but she has her Barbie lunchbag with sliced apples.... She brought this along with her while we took Mikayla to school. :) too cute!

Sorry for the lack of craftiness here but I've been busy getting these girls ready oh yeah and busy being lazy. :) I'll have to get some mojo back. :)


Lauren said...

Great shots. I can't believe that they are back to school already.

tricki_nicki said...

Your daughters are gorgeous! And school starts so early for you guys! We don't go until Sept. 2nd. I'm glad though, it's my oldest's first year...and I'm sad!

Nit said...

So, so, cute!!!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a photo of Alex before!! I see lots of photos of your two little ones! Ms. Snazzy! She sure is!! What a fashionable girl! They're all adorable!