06 August 2008

It's Wednesday? Is it really? Are you sure?

Are you sure? Since... well.... I FORGOT to post the last two days! What the heck? Yeah I know, I'm in shock too, I'm in some sort of RUT, a stink RUT that I can't seem to get out of. I want nothing more than to sit at home in pajamas and sleep, on the couch, in my bed, with the TV on or off, just sleep. What's wrong with me?!?

I don't know what it is but I have NOTHING crafty for you. I literally took 4 whole days off from blogging and now I think something is completely wrong with me. So I say again... What the heck?

So I went school shopping for the girls Saturday for our New Mexico tax free weekend! Yeah I said it.. I went! What was I thinking?!? First off, I said before that I was done with school stuff... I LIED! I forgot I had to get them shoes! So of course, I pack them all up on Saturday, knowing that the mall is going to be an absolute madhouse in hopes to get shoes. First, I couldn't find a parking, then when we did find one it was on the exact opposite side of the mall of where we needed to be to get shoes... We got the shoes and we were outta there! Went to lunch, went back to the mall! What were we thinking???? Almost got ran over by a thief on the run in Dillards... no big deal, went out and partied that night, and I think I'm still feeling the lack of sleep since the partying on Saturday! Geesh!

So after all that my sister was back in town on Monday and I got to squeeze this little guy.. :)

Sssghetti anyone??? yum... Maybe this is how Elvis ate spaghetti, he has the lip action going on...
Or maybe you would prefer a visit from the HULK! TOO cute!
Nah, I think he'd rather go back to the sssghetti.. :) Love ya Nate!

I hope to have something crafty tomorrow, but if not don't yell at me! :)


tricki_nicki said...

He's too cute! Love that belly!

Lauren said...

Too cute! What a mess!!! :)