26 August 2008

Is it Monday again????

What the heck is going on???? It's one of those days! Where I just want to be out of work, at home, sleeping, with nobody bothering me... recovering from a broken toe! Yeah I know, how do you break a toe???? Well a certain dog... cough... Amora... cough.... was prancing playfully in the dining room yesterday chewing on a piece of a Barbie set my daughter got for her birthday...

I went to "shoo" her out of the corner with my foot and instead slammed my foot right into the dining room chair! CRACK! My second to smallest toe on my right foot is now broken, bruised and swollen, it also got my middle toe a bit bruised! Who would've thought??!!??

Ugh, so that puts a crimp in my working out, but not my scrapping! hahahahaha..... So here's my page for today!

Again... loving the black and blue, this time I added a punch of pink! I love the way these papers tear with the solid white edge too! :)
Soooo I added some chipboard sticker parenthis to the clear bubble sticker... cute! I also used my white pen to edge the torn papers a bit, just some squiggles.
I also did my journalling in the white pen, I have a hard time adding journaling to my pages, not sure why since I can talk like no tomorrow, and write and type for days on end.... ???? anyone got an answer for me??? I added our SeaWorld tickets, cuz you know.. I save EVERYTHING! I'll have you know, I didn't carry my regular purse for this trip, I instead carried a sort of beach bag thing, it's corduroy, black, cute, and it matches everything, but anyway I have one seperate pocket that while on the trip I added momentos just as admission tickets, cute receipts, tags, etc... just for "in case"... :)

Andddddd trecking along, I still have yet to get ANY comments on my other blogs, well I'm suprised I get a few here, so please feel free to PIMP out my blogs to others, let them know I'm here and I need LOVE! Lots of it! You never know when I'll give another prize away like I gave to CAROL! Rock on Carol, I {heart} you!

Oh yeah and if you're wondering why I have pictures all of a sudden today, after yesterday's rant.... it's because I stole my husband's camera!!! Shhhh, don't tell him :)


KJ-Starre said...

Hey..thanks for stopping by my blog. It was great to have you stop by & visit.
Have a super day!
PS broken toes aren't fun, are they. I hope you mend soon...but not too soon, so you can get some more scrappin' in :o)

Lauren said...

Very cool layout!!! I really love how you did the triple tickets!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

So many things to comment on! OK, I won't tell your husband a thing. He should be sharing his camera with you anyway! I heart you too! I save everything on vacation! You having a separate pocket? TOTALLY something I would do! Seriously! The pink on the layout? Fantastic! The white squiggles? Love them! I can journal like there's no tomorrow when I'm typing it for my layout, but when I write, I'm the same way. I like having my handwriting on a page, but I don't want to overdo it. I checked out your other blogs, but I didn't comment. I'll go leave comments now!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh yeah (see I had a lot to comment on!), I've broken my pinky toe or the one next to it MANY times! I just did it recently, and wow the bruising is UGLY! The first couple of days after, putting on a shoe isn't the most pleasant thing in the world!

Nit said...

Sorry about your toe! :(

And, of course I love the layouts! :)