19 February 2008

Just Blah....

Well it's another day at this lifeless job and I'm pretty sick and tired of it. I hate being here, I hate coming in, I just hate this job. I feel like going to college was such a waste. I know I have so much more potential than this crappy job and these darn child-like employees I work for. I mean for goodness sakes, I have my own kids at home and if I wanted to babysit I'd open up a daycare center!
How can people pretend to be incompetent and so selfless and dumb themselves down all just to get someone else to do something for them. They know darn well that they have the ability to overcome an "error" message on their computer or to fax their own stuff, but no, instead they walk all the way down the hall, hand me some papers that are, by the way inches from the fax machine, and say.... Can you fax these?
I feel like replying, yes, can you? I see that you have the cover sheet there, the fax number and I notice that you're standing inches... literally inches... away from the keypad to the fax machine.

Oh no, I'm wayyyy to nice for that, instead I get the papers and say sure... I put them on a pile on my desk as he looks at me with the look that says "welllll aren't you going to fax them NOW?" and I turn around and continue typing an email to my friend that explains that my schedule for this week is wide open for lunch. :)

So again I ask...what the hell is wrong with these people? with this job? with me? Ugh, I'm so fed up!

Anyone with me on this? Why can't we just win the freaking lottery and be done with nonsense crap like this?

Good day! :)

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