13 February 2008

Joining the GYM! Yikes!

AGGGHHHH... okay what do I hate more than dieting? Yup, it's working out! Why I don't know because I was in the Army for 4 years and I worked out 7 days a week, usually more than once a day. I did 4 a.m. workouts and I was okay for the day. My last year in the Army I worked out 45 minutes in the morning, ran an hour for lunch and walked after work, 5 times a week. I was insane! Or at least that’s what I think now. Now, I can’t even get out of bed before 6:30…. So there was a lady from the Sports and Wellness here at my work and I am not the “new” point of contact due to our re-organization, so I got the freebies, well more than everyone else. Annnnnd, I so graciously volunteered my best friend to start the program with me. Hah J

I owe her, last time we joined a gym, well we joined Curves and it was not the best experience and I bailed, she shortly bailed on it too but it just didn’t work out. Nothing against Curves but oh well. So, with the S&W we get a week free, 2 free days with a trainer and we get to split a package instead of pay for 2 singles, which is 50% off. The really good thing is that they have childcare, and it’s CHEAP! 50 cents for 15 minutes… geesh, can’t top that! Well anyway I told my BF that we should go early in the morning so I didn’t have to worry about taking the girls and working around my husband’s schedule. She laughed, just as my husband laughed when I told him…. They are so UNmotivating! Anyway, the plan is to go at 5 a.m., haha, we’ll see how day one goes tomorrow. I better get to bed early!

So that’s the news for today, other than I was actually busy at work today! Imagine that! Barely imaginable huh? My luck it’s gonna freaking snow or something!

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