08 February 2008

Thank God the week is FINALLY OVER!

Oh boy has this week urked me to no end. Work has just gotten on every nerve in my body, people that usually irritate me at work were even more irritating. Somehow I still can't understand why people at work have such a nasty attitude. I think I'm very good at being personable, and nice to everyone at work. Even when they get under my skin I hold back, most times. But how can some let their "title" get to their head and allow them to think that they have all mighty control over another human being. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. I am not in a management position but if I were, I don't think I have enough attitude in me to treat people so nasty. Who are "they" to give me smart ass remarks about my life and my ethics. It's none of their damn business unless I directly let them into my life. RIGHT?

Okay now that that's out I think I'm okay, no I'm better, not quite okay.
I am in a bad mood, I woke up with a migraine again. This is happening more and more often and it's very discouraging for me to even get out of bed, but here I am. I had a migraine when I went to bed last night and I took my pain killer meds, which usually work and help me sleep but last night it didn't, I was up all night, irritated, my head was pounding and then I wake up with the same feeling, nothing changed, except for now I think I'm feeling the after-affects of this pain medication and I am loopy... So I might not agree with this post later, I might not even claim it's really mine.. haha :)

Anyhow, plans for the weekend? I'm not sure, the circus is in town and we might do that Saturday, I guess I never plan to clean but it's always on the agenda, along with laundry... ugh I long for the weekends and then they get here and I hate to think about all the crap I have to do. Go figure huh? But anyway I'm excited because I'm actually going to do some scrapbooking and start another painting.
I keep reading all these blogs from other people and I'm just amazed at how crafty they are. I mean they look at something and have this idea in their head of what they want to turn it into or what would make it look better. I am not that crafty, I have to think about it and plan it out and hope that it turns out okay, and when it doesn't I'll throw it away. Where as if I was really crafty I would be able to fix it with something else.
Yeah I know.. sorry, it was a bad/boring post today but let me remind you I am at work and on meds so this is about as much as you're going to get from me. :)

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