22 February 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday

I have to say, it's the best day of THIS week! It's been a long and grueling week and I wore out. I didn't do much at work but I've been cleaning at home, painting all last night and ready to do it all weekend too!

I know this blog was supposed to be about being crafty and getting into the swing of things but truly I have been really unmotivated. Wait... I take that back, I blog-surf all day and there are tons of crafty blogs out there that motivate me to all heck, then I leave work and step back into the reality of having to do homework with the girls, clean, dinner, and try to get some sleep. So I then turn into unmotivated, uncrafty Liz. Horrible I know but I'm going to get better, I promise. I am going to start another painting tomorrow to donate to my friend's husbands' Elk Club... yay me! A little free exposure! :)

I also plan to create a cute door hanger for my friend's grandaughter, so that will be fun and I just found my hot glue gun through cleaning the garage so I get to use it again!
Other than that I plan to clean some more, paint (we're painting our upstairs) some more, and try to rest a bit because my back is really aching from painting for about 4 hours lastnight!

Well have a great weekend and come back on Monday, I hope to post pics of my creations! :)


mjmeeker said...

I get those unmotivated days too...sometimes they last for days and days. I bounce back and forth between paper crafts/scrapbooking, polymer clay and writing. But when I'm not motivated I just sit in front of the boob tube or search the net.

Liz :) said...

mj,I get those kinds of day more often than not. I am really trying to do better than getting home and doing virtually nothing productive but it's hard when work is all day and then tons of stuff at home that needs to get done. I have definately been making more time lately though. :) Thanks for the comment. I really need some exposure on this blog.... :)