15 February 2008

Day 2---didn't work out! :)

Okay… like I said yesterday, if on Day 2 you feel horrible it’s the worst day… So what does that mean for me? It means I didn’t even make it to the gym on Day 2; I could barely roll over to hit the snooze button! Geesh, I must have over-did my workout yesterday because my hips and back were killing me. Anyhow, I got some walking in today, I made it a point of walking down to the deli shop and back a few times so I feel okay now. This isn’t going to be long today because I was actually busy and in and out of the office today.

So Monster Trucks tonight, Saturday painting upstairs, Sunday cleaning my office and scrapbooking, Monday cleaning probably and hopefully some painting of my new picture! I’ll be back on Tuesday, if anything exciting happens I’ll post over the weekend, but I doubt it! J

Have a safe and happy extended weekend!

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