20 February 2008

Technology Sucks Today!

Why oh why????? I'm so frustrated I can throw my computer out the window to a quick death! I love technology, I really don't know how I would live without it. I know you've all seen those, born in the 80's email forwards that we have all been living with the greatest technology since we were born.

Okay so I'm an 80's kid and I've gotten used to it and I love the updates and it's a great thing, the internet, cell phones, caller ID, touch-screens, you name it, I love it, but the thing I hate, hate, hate... is when the crap doesn't work. Ugh, it just boils my blood. Granted I shouldn't let it get to me, after all it's only technology, right? Wrong, it's supposed to be there to work for me when I need it, so why is it timing out, freezing and not showing what I just did? Why is my email automatically closing when I minimize it, why can't I order supplies for work without getting an error message for each line item and why, oh why, can't I see my freaking posts on my blog without having to click on FEBRUARY! I know it's February, everyone knows it's February and yet it's still showing like my last post was the 15th of FEBRUARY. So if you know the answers to solve my neverending questions please COMMENT! And do it fast, before I throw the computer out the window. :) Thanks...

Anyway in other more calmer news, I still hate my job and I'm bored, I got to go to Costco today and look like a crazy person buying $300 worth of coffee and creamer. It was for work but some people are clueless; and of course I had to get the obvious smart remark, er, I mean funny joke.... "looks like SOMEONE is out of coffee!" Hardy har har... No way.... you got that? All by yourself? You got that I was in need of coffee? What gave you that idea? Could it be that I have a Costco cart full of coffee beans and creamer? Geesh, some people, I tell you, they are the cream of the crop! :)

Okay so it wasn't much calmer but I tried.

Yeah it's one of those days, haha..... Love ya! MUAH!

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