04 February 2008

Back to Monday!

Ugh, I hate Mondays, it's like right when I get used to sleeping in past 6 and being lazy (sort of) I have to get back on schedule and go to work. Weekends are entirely too short and they should start adding in Fridays. :)

Anyhow I know I said I would add pictures of my crafts for the weekend, but guess what? I forgot my camera at home and there will be no uploading today.... Darn, and I was SOO crafty this weekend too. Haha

Okay to start off, Friday we did the whole Chuck E. Cheese evening, which I promise is an ENTIRE evening event. I thought the kids would get wore out and eat good and be ready for bed by the time we got home. Wrong! I think it only hypes them up more and gets them ready to do a nightshift. So we thought about going to the movies but they were all starting at 10 or later and we would rather not do late movies with 3 kids in tow. So we went and bought Underdog and watched it at home, I think we all fell asleep on the couch and we all missed the ending. Oh well... there's no need to fear though, I'm sure the girls will watch it a gazillion more times and I'm sure to catch the end one of these days.

As for Saturday, I was thinking crafts since I woke up. I first figured I would bring out the paints and finish this painting I did for my friend over a year ago. I needed to do some touchups and add some details so I finally did, maybe Megan will get it this year! :) As I was finishing that painting my littlest decided she wanted a picture of Elmo, so I did one and to my amazement it came out really good, not so bad for not painting for a year, but I guess it's like riding a bike...

As if that wasn't enough I also created some inlays for some picture frames for my father in law's birthday, which was Sunday. I have to admit they really came out pretty good, I used my new CriCut and was impressed, and so was he. Of course my husband took all the credit and said he cut out all the letters one by one himself, but everyone knows better than that. :)

I also baked a cake, it was yummy, not so crafty though because by the time it was done cooling we already had company at the house and I was tired and in dire need of some makeup. So I used white frosting, put a blue happy birthday on it and TA-DA! But it was very good, chocolate layer, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, white cake layer, cream cheese frosting. YUM!

Soooo, future craft goals, first I will post the pictures of my layouts and Elmo and the flower picture for my friend ASAP.

Second, I hope to paint some more, I'm sure more pictures for my girls since there is an Elmo done already they expect something for each of them, which is fine.

Third, I have to take some pictures, I haven't taken any in a few days/weeks.... hummm

Fourth, I will do some page layouts for my scrapbooks, I hope to clean the office more and get things more organized so this should work out... right?

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y said...

hey liz, i have to say that the photo's are awesome...they look like they are straight out of a Wildlife magazine.