27 February 2008

Someone.. Anyone... Help!

If my day can go by any slower I would be utterly amazed. I came in late (as usual) and still forgot the camera to upload pictures. Wait, I take that back, I brought the camera and forgot the USB cord.. Ugh, so close!! So hopefully my head will clear of it's 3 day long blonde episode and remember the cord. I have been so lost lately, I just don't know what to do. I am confused, forgetful, tired, and the list goes on and on. I better snap out of it, I have company coming in this week and I don't want to be a space case!

Well I had lunch at Macaroni Grill with my BFF2 and I love that place, it's so yummy, but I think I ate too much and that really sucks considering I ran 2 miles lastnight. Ugh, makes it seem like it was for nothing. Oh well, life goes on. Meanwhile it's still cold as all heck here in the mornings, so much that there are still hot air balloons cruising around in the morning.

So anyway, I have nothing to do at work today, big shocker huh? No wait, let me change that. I was soooo efficient at work today! Yeah that's better... My day has drug along so slowly that I may have actually fallen asleep in my chair at one time but I can't even remember. Imagine that, don't you want my job? Oh yeah and to top it off they switched my monitor from a 17 inch to a 19 inch so now it's like I'm sitting in front of a big screen TV all day. I told the IT guy, geesh, this will be good to watch movies on... his response: just don't let them catch you! haha... I can tell he's done it before in his own little captive, hole in the wall office downstairs!

Well not too much going on today, the only good news was that we finally got our taxes done! YAY! Other news, my middle child is a clepto and my oldest has turned into a compulsive liar. All I can say is one stealing candy and one lying about homework... ya gotta love em' and yet I wonder what child number three will turn out like, oh yeah I know.. she'll be the only 5 year old in kindergarten still wearing diapers... haha.... What to do, what to do???????? HELP!

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