28 February 2008

Finally - Craft pictures!

Finally I remembered the camera AND the cord. :) So here is the picture of the door hanger I made for my friend's grand-daughter, Sarissa. I had the oh so great inspiration come from another blogger, Carol at Crazy for Crafting her daughters did an awesome job of doing one each for their own rooms and I thought they did such a great job. Then my friend asked me to make one.... sooooo I knew exactly where to go to get inspiration! Here is the inspiration for the door hanger.
So this is the front, above... she's not so girly pink kind of girl and loves soccer.

This is the back, above. I made it doublesided and one side more "girly" in case she ever feels the need/want to be a little more girly one day. :) I hope she likes it.
I used the letters from my CriCut as well as the little sunflower and dragon fly. All the rest are random things that I got from Christmas and had all jumbled in my office/craft room. The boards were from Hobby Lobby all of 87 cents for each and covered them in blue circly paper and added a stawlike hanger with hot glue... and TA-DA! Presto---a wall hanger for a little chick-a-dee!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Very nice! I'll be sure to have my girls look when they get home. You should link back to the ones that my girls made. It's fun to see WHERE someone gets their inspiration from! I love that you made this double-sided! She's going to love it!

Lena said...

Hi sister, this is so cute! Good job! Very creative! It looks so summer like! Kudos! :) Love ya

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hi Liz - I hope it didn't come across that I was telling you what to do, but I can tell you how to do a link (hopefully). I put links in my blog all the time (including today!!) So, I write about what I'm linking. I then put the cursor over what I just wrote, and I highlight it using the mouse. I then click the "link" tool (it's after the text color icon when I'm creating a post.) In the meantime, I have what I want to link TO open in another window, and I go to the top, and copy the http: address. I then paste that into the link window that I opened on my blogger site. It then define what you highlighted as linked text. Wow, did that all make sense? Good luck!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You're a LINKING pro now! I guess my directions DID make sense! Great job! I love linking to other things in my blog!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

My girls finally had a chance to look at this post (we've been really busy lately!) They both said COOL! They not only love the double-sided door hanger you made, but they're really happy they inspired someone!