11 February 2008


Mondaysssss, I hate Mondays! Have I told you that? I just don't want to go to bed early on Sundays, just because I hate to think that when I wake up it will be Monday! I don't want to wake up, I don't want to go to work, I don't want to work while I'm there an the list goes on and on. I do have to say though that I was quite productive this morning. As much as I hated it, I got a bunch of junk off my desk. But the real reason behind it was because I had a dream last night about my desk being so cluttered that I couldn't work or find anything. But now that I think about it, it may have been a hint for the home office instead because that is truly a mess! Darn! I could have saved my time from cleaning my work desk this morning.. haha

Anyway, I'm bored at work as usual, so here's the weekend run through. I did absolutely nothing on Friday after work, just picked up the girls and went home. YAY! Just the way I like it! Saturday I pretty much cleaned all day, laundry, and I began painting another picture, I'll post when it's done. :) Sunday, did some homework with Mikayla, some touch up painting in the kitchen and living room, took the girls to the circus---which lasted entirely toooo long--- and went home to do more of nothing.

So today, because I was so lazy this weekend I get to rush the girls to do their valentines and homework and create valentine's boxes etc. FUN! I'll use my little cricut machine and cut out the perfect little hearts. :)

Not so exciting today I guess. I'm updating my links because I've found some great ones lately, be sure to check them out. :)

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