07 February 2008

Someone, Anyone, please gouge my eyes out!

Please? I said please? Why? Because I'm bored out of my freaking mind at work, nothing to do and I think yesterday I spent about 7 out of the 8 hours at work searching the internet for crap! I ask for work and I try to help other people climb out of the paperwork jungle but they could care less. Really, I'm serious, how nobody can see that I'm not busy is beyond me, they assume because I'm typing and looking at my computer that I'm busy. Wake-up call, I'm not, I'm searching the internet for needless things that I can't even afford. haha....

The crazy things I do on the internet at work is look stuff up for people, I search the internet for other people that actually have work to do and don't have time to do it themselves. Funny ha? :) I look for jobs for people, I update resumes for people, I search airline tickets, vacation deals, I online shop--something I need to stop, hence the reason I can't afford anything else! I email allllll day long to my mom, sisters, my bff, my friends in Alaska, AZ, Japan, Germany, TX, in laws, cousin in laws, you name it, I email them... oh yeah and random bloggers that I find online of course :) So if you ever need/want random emails let me know, I'll be glad to email frequently throughout the day for no apparent reason what so ever. Needless to say I have no problem keeping in touch with old and new friends allll the time, year round.

I sat lastnight and designed the furniture I want for my Craft Room... Yay! I'm so proud of myself for finally taking the time to do what I like, being able to breathe for a while in the evening and unwind.... Painting and drawing and photos are my own form of meditation so I think that I'm doing much better.
In other news I brought my camera so here's my pictures of the completed Elmo, and my daughter with Elmo--ignore her hair please, she must have had a hard day at daycare... haha

The headline today should have been----MY CHILD FINALLY WENT PEE ON THE POTTY! Yeah I know, I was estactic, especially cause she's 2 and a half and still not potty trained! It's killing me and everyone keeps telling me that she'll go when she's ready... blah blah blah, they aren't the ones still changing diapers after two and a half years.. LOL. Well anyway, she sat on the potty for about a half hour last night, but that was only because she didn't want to go to bed, so she sat and read monster truck mags on the pot... haa, imagine that! I told her I would get Sesame Street magazines if she keeps going potty, she was excited for a minute, then straight back to truck mags... ugh....

So this morning, hesitating to get ready, I convinced her to go sit on the potty, it gave her time to twiddle her thumbs before actually having to get ready, so she agreed. But she only agreed to go down with Mikayla to her potty, weird I know but oh well, she went so I can't complain.
Okay okay, I'm going to attempt to get off the internet, because apparently someone wants me to order supplies, geesh it's a freaking miracle, and my luck now it will snow again!

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