05 February 2008

As promised, pictures!

Okay, so I wasn't going to post pictures of my family because I'm a bit weirded out about having pictures of us on the web but I will post these because they are my first real layouts... I plan to take them down after about a week. I am also posting a picture that I painted for my friend a while back and I just added some touchups and details this weekend. Another painting I am posting a picture of is Elmo, that I did for my youngest daughter, which isn't done but I thought I would post it, I need to recolor his nose, and finish the eyes.... Let me know what you think.. I have yet to get comments people!.. :)
The paintings are 36 x 24 acrylics on canvas.


Lena said...

That Elmo painting so sooo cute! How long did it take you to paint it? Nice scrapbooking you got going there! I'll be waiting for mine!! When were these pics taken? The girls are all getting so big, and more beautiful everyday!! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment and compliment! First off, the Elmo painting is fantastic! My oldest is almost 12, and we went through the original Tickle Me Elmo frenzy, and she still LOVES Elmo! What's not to love, right? Next, I can relate to NOT wanting to post photos of your family . . . it took me a long time to do it myself!! Blogging is so much fun! You'll enjoy it!

Here's one of my favorite sites to visit: http://iralamija.blogspot.com/ - Beatriz is very talented! You'll love looking at her creations!

Liz :) said...

Thanks... My youngest just loves Elmo, I'm not sure where she gets it from though because I'm not sure that she's watched Sesame Street... Weird, but that's what she wanted. :)
Thanks for the blog link for Beatriz, I'll check it out.