06 February 2008

Today is....

Hump Day, Ash Wednesday, Day after Super Tuesday, whatever you want to call it, it's Wednesday and that unfortunately means that we still have a couple more days of work before the weekend..... YUCK!

I can now officially say that I'm addicted to Blogger, scrapbook info, and other people's lives and/or ideas. I have been sitting at my computer, at work mind you, for roughly 5 hours, doing nothing but browse the internet. How sad is that? But it's really not my fault, the people I work for don't utilize me in the least so there! It's their fault! :)

Anyhow, you will be happy to know that I completed Nevaeh's Elmo painting lastnight, went to Hobby Lobby (all the while refraining myself from buying everything on the shelf) and bought some orange paint (for Elmo's nose)...... and boy was I shocked at how inflation over the last 10 years has affected the painting/crafting world. Okay, I really haven't bought paint supplies in about 10 years because I haven't really painted, the paints I have now were Christmas gifts and stuff that I asked for from other people. So for those of you that got me this stuff----I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that it was that expensive! I really wouldn't have asked for it. Well a regular cheap tube of acrylic paint was running about $2.50 to $3.00 back in 1998, NOWWWW, an incredible $7 - $13 a tube, depending on how big and this was the cheap paints!

I was shocked :-0 I just couldn't believe it, there I was on the way to Hobby Lobby thinking I could pick up a set of primary colors, all pretty good sized tubes for about $15. WRONG! Ugh, I was so disappointed, but I still got the orange because I needed it to finish Elmo, and I got a regular red and blue, because the ones I had at home were funky colored reds and blues.

I'll post new pictures of the finished Elmo tomorrow.

So today, searched the internet, daydreamed, figured out my final plans on what I need to convert my home office into a home crafting area. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with what I came up with, so I'll pitch the idea to my hubby and his dad, his dad has "volunteered" to create this space for me, he's a wood-worker, so I can't wait to see how it turns out, hopefully it will get done sometime in the next year! :) So I intend on taking a "before" picture and then the stages in between to show the progress. YAY ME!

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