21 July 2008

Weekend update... loooooong post again...

Geesh how I hate Mondays! Monday morning especially and what happened this morning? My mom went to wake me up to go walking an hour earlier than I usually wake up... You know what my response was...."be careful".... funny.. haha... okay not really, sorry Mom, but seriously I hate mornings, I hate Monday mornings and to spend that hated time walking (an even more hated thing-exercise) is insane to me. So I PROMISED that I would wake up and walk/run with her tomorrow... I think I actually responded to her in my sleep. Yeah I blame it on that, I was talking in my sleep for that. :)

Anywhoooo, I'll recap on my weekend.
Friday, I didn't do much, I texted my husband that I was bored at work, to my suprise he texted me back and said "I'm looking at your new car". I thought he was either joking or found a really good deal. So what did I do? Because I was soooo busy at work I got my stuff and drove over to his work (he works at a car dealership) to check out this "new" car. Mind you this is what I drive now...

Annnnddddd I reallyyyyy love this car, I do, but the one thing I DON'T love about it... the gas! Talk about a Gas Hog with a capital H-O-G! I currently put about $175 to fill this sucker up and it lasts me a whopping 2 weeks at most! So in reality it sucks... :( But I like it, cause it's big, it fits everyone and their mother, there is tons of EXTRA space, it's big... oh yeah and it's big! :)
Sooooo after going to see the "new" car and figure out the $$ details, I figured it was a deal I COULD NOT pass up... So I got a new car. Woohooooo, congrats to me! This is my NEW car!Look at me, my husband took this picture while I was zoooooming around the corner to our house! haha, just kidding, I took it off Google Images. But it's the same color and it's cute right?!? Mainly the only criteria I needed was whether or not it had a third row seat and it does! So it passed the test and this is what I'm drivin' now.

Okay, onward.....
Saturday we went school clothes shopping, I was a bit disappointed but got it done nonetheless. Usually by this time there are tons of cool school stuff out, apparently I was too early in my school shopping this year... what??? say that again!!! ME? TOO EARLY? If you don't know me, I'm the number one procrastinator of all time. So yeah it boggles me that I'm done with my girls' school stuff this early. 3.5 weeks to be exact! Don't hate...

Sunday was insane... it started off with going to the mall, eating some Johnny Rockets before going to see Wall-E. That part was okay... Seeing Wall-E was more than disappointing for me. I guess I hadn't watched enough of the previews to know that it was going to be a boringgggg show. Only one of my daughters liked it, and my husband thought it was horrible. My mom fell asleep and I got a headache... Sorry to burst the bubble people, even with its 4.5 star rating I disagree that it was an awesome movie... Heads up for you there Carol. I had been soooo excited to go see it and it was a bust. Sorry. So after this headache giving movie we went school clothes shopping again, just to Old Navy but I thought it was worth a shot to see if there were sales.... Nothing, they said not til next week! No wonder I wait until the last minute to shop, thats when all the good stuff and the sales come out! The nerve of them, just making my procrastination worse. ------
Okay so after shopping, we went home, my husband really wanted to go see Batman-The Dark Knight, I am not necessarily a fan of the whole Batman gig but I was curious as alot of other people to see Heath Ledger, so we went, we had to go an HOUR early to get in line, and the movie was 2.5 hours long, but it was good. I do have to admit that. So needless to say with all the movie watching in the past week I don't think I can afford many more scrapbooking supplies for a while.... yeah right... :)
Yes, that my friends is the TOP of my desk... remember when it was so clean? I have my cricut, plastic storage drawer bins, my buttons, my cutter, a basket, no 2 baskets, scraps and this binder... what is this binder you ask? I print off tons of pages off the blog world on page layouts that I like. I put them in a binder so I can get ideas and color combos. Cheater you say??? Nah, team player is more like it. :)
Look! It's a mess... I think I'll clean it up today after work. But look at the layouts I got done in that mess!
Aaaah, beautiful nature! These are random scenery pics from the Wild Animal Park in San Diego.
I stamped the Nature with my mini stamps, I wish they were bigger... I added green buttons of all sorts of sizes...
I added a chipboard buckle and beautiful, added the leaf to the buckle with some green ribbon ( I just noticed how it's sagging... grrr..) I also added this cute dragonfly.. I penned in the aaah... with a sharpie.
These are random giraffe photos from the trip.
I added a tag, some simple white ribbon and a precut Natural image to the tag. I really like the way this one came out with the Birds. I found a way to put the main focus of the layout on my best picture! My favorite picture actually! So here it is...
This paper is BRIGHT orange, these pictures didn't come out so well... I cut this swirly leaf thing from a patterned paper with my xacto knife. It reminds me of bird feathers.
I had these chipboard sticker letters to add in my stash. The same patterned paper I cut images from above is the same paper I matted the main bird picture with.
I also cut this leafy image from the patterned paper.. as well as the circles for this flowerish type do dad...complete with an orange brad.
We Love Animals was a quick one... I round edged all my pictures. I got a matching patterned paper to add to the side, I used this same paper to cute the We and Animals out of. I used the light space on the right to do some journaling.
Not so bad eh? :)
The colors on this are horrible, I think I need to readjust something on my camera.. Thanks for looking!


Nit said...

I love that truck!!! I am thinking of getting the Chrysler Pacifica :) And yes, I can understand why you needed something else with $175 to fill up the tank!?!

Love the scrapbook pages as always!

Oh & thanks for the tip on the Mediterranian cruise...I am going to look into that!

Take care :)

tricki_nicki said...

Love your new ride! I'm getting a new one next May - I can't wait. The minivan is sucking what's left of the coolness out me.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, you've been busy . . . again! LOVE the new car! What is that? GREAT color (red is my favorite color!!) Good for you on the back-to-school clothes shopping. I haven't seen too much good stuff out yet either. My oldest and I just went to Taget and Kohl's tonight (we're shopping for my youngest's birthday on Friday), and there were not any really cool clothes to choose from. Yet, in Michael's, we saw Halloween decorations! What? Crazy! Sorry to hear WALL-E wasn't good. Maybe we'll rethink that choice! Love all the layouts! You got a lot done! Take care!!