14 July 2008

Weekend Productivity! Longggggg Post...

First off.... Friday I went with my friend to a Hobby Lobby I've never been to before.. Imagine that! A Hobby Lobby I have NEVER been to! And boy was I happy, I got some great deals and last week the web had the 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby. So here's what I got... When I go there I always take a peek at the kids crafting section because sometimes they have cute things.. and this is what I found (above) funky foam letters, 137 pieces for $2.47. I thought it was a great buy and you can see how I used them in my layout below...
FINALLY! I found this threading water punch from Fiskars! I used my 40% off coupon and it was a good deal!
I badly needed one of these babies! It's a corner rounder and I love it!
Look at all the ribbon, they were 99 cents each.. cute!
I got more paint for my stash.. all of them were 99 cents each. I don't put these paints directly on my pictures, I use them for the dots to create emphasis on certain points of my layouts.

Okay.. on to the weekend!

WOW! This weekend was a doozy! If I could only get as much energy to workout as I did on Saturday cleaning my house... then I would have no problems! Don't even bother asking what the heck got into me on Saturday because frankly I don't know... I had planned on scrapbooking ALLLLL day long, hoping to knock out about 20 layouts, and well.... it never happened. Instead I popped out of bed at 9 a.m. and decided that I would go on a cleaning frenzy! I cleaned the house from top to bottom! I swept, mopped, scrubbed all the baseboards, cleaned mirrors, dusted, vacuumed (yeah that's right and just 6 months ago I didn't know how to turn the darn thing on!) re-arranged my kitchen pots and pans, got rid of old nasty pans, re-arranged and cleaned the entire pantry, watered the grass, got all the laundry situated, sat down for about a half hour and decided I should scrap... So I did 4 pages... these 4 pages....
I like the way black makes everything stand out so much more...
Here are the funky foam stickers I got that I mentioned above.. Aren't they cute!?! I penned in the Animal Park with a sharpie... added some buttons to match...
A little leafy chipboard... cute!
Some journaling on the main page...
These are some of my favorite pictures of the girls... I had them stand next to the diagram and they seemed so tiny! :)
Chipboard here and there... cute!

There were so many different kinds of monkeys!
I used some random sticker letters for the Monkey Around..
Some of the scenery there was just amazing, if you hiked up the hills you can overlook the whole park and see all the animals in their own habitats roaming around together.. it was great!
I added stickers to a piece of blue paper and used some pop up dots for it to stand out a little more... you can also see where I used my NEW threading water punch on the top.. Yay!
A little more journaling on a tag...

Okay so that was Saturday's activities only! Can you imagine! I was dead tired, and sore, and tired some more after all that!

Sunday this is what I did... my girls' room has a PINK wall, so pink that it's blinding... yeah it's that pink! So they also had shear window curtains and beads but they weren't so good on shading the light from coming in, so they were always up at the crack of dawn. I went by the mall to pick up some stuff and saw these velvet-y chocolate brown curtains on sale 50% off! So I got some and thought I would decorate their room with something that tied the two colors together. This is what I came up with... Step by step....

Seeeeee, I told you it was pink! In my defense, it didn't look that pink in the can... :)
These were their old curtains, sheer underneath and these purple and pink beads on top.. Not very sun shielding... :)
This was the first step... chocolate brown paint... a little squarish design... Spaced them in no particular way or order all the way down the wall.... Next, I added a really light tannish color in no particular way inside the chocolate brown outline.Then I added a white paint in the center of all this.. still leaving some pink to be seen.

This is the final outcome... It's whimsy like my girls and I hope they like it! They finally come back tomorrow! They've been gone for 12 days already!
A closer look...
This was after I put the dresser back.. and you can see the new curtains off to the far left, brown! I think it came out okay, it breaks up the pink a little and it's different.. :) I think it will be better when we rearrange and the dresser isn't in the way of the design... Oh yeah and see that large stuffed mouse there in the corner! That's Diddle, he's like the Micky Mouse of Germany... I got him in 2000 when my mom and sister and brother and BFF went to visit me, we found him in Dusseldorf and I carried him on my back for the rest of the day... People thought I was nuts but he is adorable... and he's one stuffed animal I won't EVER yard sale! :)

I'll have more pictures tomorrow of stuff I got in the mail! woohoo... I love mail like this!


TMB said...

Great scrapping and great job on the "oh so very pink" wall! Your imagination amazes me. I would have never thought of those "squarish" thingy's...they look great!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, I wish I woke up just WANTING to clean, because it really needs to be done over here! I love your layouts! The black letters do look fabulous . . . I always think black makes everything pop too. I love what you did on the walls . . . very clever and CUTE! It's so funky! I bet they'll love it!

Stuff in the mail? Ooh, fun!!

Nit said...


I think you are one of the most creative people I know!

I love your scrap layouts & cute idea for the room!


Oh & next time you get on a cleaning frenzy please come to my house! :)