02 July 2008

Getting UNcrafty and getting Personal!

I just mentioned that I'm on the Fluffbusters thing again... it's a very social, laid back way of doing a "program", it's more of a motivational, friendly, I got your back type of trying lose weight and motivate the others... so our challenge this week is to do a list of 100 reasons why you want to lose weight... It's supposed to trigger your emotional side or something.. I didn't read it all but I thought it would be useful... so here goes...

100 of the gazillion reasons I should lose weight....

1. I'm fat!
2. I'm tired
3. I'm embarrassed
4. It's unhealthy (notice that I only recognize this to be number 4 and not number 1--problem?)
5. I think it's one of the reasons I misscarried last year
6. I'm disgusted
7. I'm embarrassed for my children (which is completely different than number 3)
8. I am dissapointed that I let it get this far
9. It makes me not want to run around with the kids
10. It makes me insecure
11. It makes me feel unattractive in every way
12. It makes me a bit depressed
13. It makes me angry
14. I have no energy
15. I can't fit in my old clothes
16. I can't buy what I think are "cute" clothes
17. I don't want to set a bad example for my kids
18. It makes me upset that 5 years ago I was 45 pounds lighter!
19. The extra weight makes my bones ache
20. The weight makes my knee hurt more
21. The weight equals ugly cellulite
22. I can't wear the ring I got on my cruise and I refuse to get it re-sized
23. I want to be able to wear a bathing suit at the lake without feeling like a whale
24. I want to wear shorts again and be okay with it
25. I want to wear my sleeveless shirts without my arms being jiggly
26. I don't want a second chin anymore
27. I want single digit pant sizes
28. I want to be back in the small to medium shirts!
29. I want to be able to ride bikes with my kids
30. I want to be able to get in the swimming pool with them ALL the time instead of sitting on he side
31. I want to be in some of the pictures I take instead of hiding behind the camera
32. I want my husband to be proud of me
33. I want my kids to be proud of me
34. I want to be able to walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing
35. I want to say I'm going to work out and actually do it
36. I want to run the duke city marathon with my friend
37. I want to shock people that haven't seen me in a while
38. I want to look good at my 10 year reunion
39. I want to feel sexy
40. I don't want to have to search my closet for something to wear
41. I want to wear dresses to work everyday
42. I don't want to get heavier
43. I want to be HAPPY
44. I want to have another baby
45. I want to walk around not having to worry about what others think
46. I don't want to be the "fat friend" anymore
47. I won't settle for chubby either!
48. I want to be the Hot Mom!
49. I want to join a gym and not be "stared" at
50. I want to look good in a family picture
51. I want to wear the same size clothing all year long
52. I want to be able to not point out mis-perfections in my body
53. I want to not only see thighs when I look in the mirror
54. I don't want spider veins
55. I don't want to get more stretch marks
56. I want to feel good in my own skin
57. I don't want to wear t-shirts and sweats anymore
58. I don't want to be "remembered" for my big butt
59. I want to "want" to workout
60. I want to be proud of ME
61. I want people to be envious of me like I am of them
62. I don't want to have to pull up my pants every few seconds
63. I don't want "muffin top"
64. I don't want back fat...
65. I don't want my short hair to make my face look round
66. I want to be able to show/teach my girls how to do athletic stuff
67. I want to be proud that I'm in the same great shape I was in, in the Army
68. I want to be able to throw all my fat clothes away
69. I want my ass not to sag!
70. I want to look good naked
71. I don't want that pregnancy baby fat in my tummy
72. I want to be stress-free from fat issues
73. I don't want to yo-yo on diets
74. I want to weigh in the 130's
75. I don't want to dread getting up in the morning
76. I want to be fine with weighing myself
77. I want to go to the spa and not be embarrassed
78. I don't want to be fat when I turn 30!
79. I don't want all my clothes to be tight
80. I want that cute butt in boy short underwear
81. I want to be able to wear a two piece swimsuit
82. I don't want to have to hide under clothes all year long
83. I don't want the arms on my nice leather jacket to be tight this winter
84. I want to play with the girls and not be sore the next day
85. I want to take the girls on hiking trips
86. I want to walk around my neighborhood and not be embarrassed
87. I don't want to get winded and tired walking my girls from the car to school
88. I don't want to go past 200 lbs if I get pregnant again
89. I just want to be "cute"
90. I don't want to have to wear long shirts to cover the fat
91. I want to be able to sit with my legs crossed without my legs falling
92. I want to bend down to touch my toes and not have everything hurt
93. I want to play sports again
94. I want a flat stomach (flatter at least)
95. I want my back not to ache from the weight it carries
96. I don't want kankles
97. I want to see my cheekbones again
98. I want to be able to wear spaghetti straps
99. I don't want to look at an old picture and only WISH I looked like that again.
100. I don't want to be this person that I know I would criticize if I was someone else.

I hope this is how I was supposed to do it. I don't care if you laugh, or cry or actually you don't even have to read this.. it was more for my venting and realization that I need to do something about my weight FOR MYSELF because I need to.... thanks for listening...


Lauren said...

WOW! That's a lot of reasons. Good luck on your journey!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Kankles! That word just cracks me up! Ugh . . . I'm 42, and I NEED to lose weight, and it's difficult, but I'm trying so hard! I just need to keep at it, and keep active! It's important! Good luck!!