10 July 2008

Migraines and Layouts

Yesterday was both bad and productive... Bad because I got a screaming migraine that started about 1 in the afternoon and the darn thing got progressively worse as I continued to scrap, by the time my hubby got home from work I was about in tears on the couch, took some more meds and I was out for the night... Woke up this morning stillll with a lingering headache and my neck is sore from the actual migraine.. Yuck! So today I came into work hoping it would linger away.. well instead it's lingering on...

Anywhooo, on to the productive part, I scrapped for a few hours yesterday and I got all this done. I'm officially done with the Legoland Pictures, I'll be starting on the San Diego Wildlife Park next. :)

Goin' up? This is one of the rides at LegoLand that the girls were on, they had to use the rope to pull themselves up and then let go... Notice how Mikayla is letting Alex do all the work.. haha
I had these stickers from the great sale I got at Hobby Lobby... I love this paper too! I love the color combo... :)
Another bright paper that I loved is this yellow one.. These were random pictures of us walking around and posing..
One of my cropadile gromets.. love it.
Up close with the clear bubble stickers that I got at none other than hobby Lobby...
Legowood Creations... I couldn't believe all the stuff made out of legos there. This car was the size, dimensions, etc. of an actual car... It was great. The dinosaurs were huge, the mariachi band was life size too.
Firemen by the water games.. :)
That actual sized Volvo...
I loved these guys and they were automated, they moved and there was music!
A little flower that I liked, I thought it broke up the square edges of the layout...
I love this green paper, it had flowers all over and I like the way the black broke it all up...
{FUN} was all cut out on the cricut using the shadow tool. Love it.
As you can very well see I keep EVERYTHING on trips, for cases like this.. Parking Pass anyone?
This paper was real girly and I love it of course.. Legoland has an area where they created all sorts of tourist attractions around the world in legos, I loved it! It's Washington DC and you turn the corner and there's Paris and New York!
I added a flower with a green gromet, another clear bubble sticker and some gold brads.
Oh how I love the color Pink... and black, and pink and black together.. I didn't really have a particular layout for this.. I just randomly put the pictures up.. :)
I cut circles on the cricut and added some pink buttons.. :)
I created a flower with ribbon, added a brad to the midle to keep it all together, topped the brad with a pretty pink button!
This button was in a random bag of buttons and I'm so glad I found it. It's so pretty!
These were the absolute last of the LegoLand pictures and random so I couldn't figure out how to fit them together.. Keep in mind I had a migraine and was getting tired.. I think I may redo this page because I am less than happy about how it turned out.
I added journaling "made entirely of legos, this place was amazing. We traveled the world all in one place...."
This little guy was my favorite I think.. it was a full size regular mail box on the sidewalk and this guy was sticking out. Isn't he cute?!?
Okay I think that's enough for today... Look for this last page to be redone... and more to follow..


TMB said...

You did all this with a migraine? You go girl, great job!

Lauren said...

Sorry about your migraines. Doesn't look like they affected your creativity much - great layouts!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Holy moly, you were VERY productive! WOW! Awesome layouts! I love them all! I love your ribbon flower, and that is a CUTE button!

Hope you're feeling better. Migraines are the WORST! Take care!

Nit said...

Hola! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so glad to have "found eachother" ~ I love scrapping...I'm just getting, so my pages don't look half as good as yours! I will definitely be back :)

Oh & hope that darn migraine went away :)

Take care :)

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