16 July 2008

A new look....

Ehhh I'm not sure I like the new layout I put up... Kind of just Blah... I will be looking for something new so if you know of great FREE layout site let me know.. :)

I don't have pictures today because yesterday I was estatic to see my girls, they had been away for much too long----13 days! Yikes!

There were a few things that I learned while having my kids away and they were....

1. Me and my husband are VERY boring without kids
2. The house stays much cleaner without kids
3. The dogs are not only more loveable but they are less hyper without kids
4. Making dinner for two is much easier than making 4 seperate dinners for picky children
5. I can get ready alot faster in the morning
6. I can sleep in late on Saturdays
7. It's much easier to clean house when children aren't pulling stuff out as you clean
8. It's much easier to do laundry for two people instead of 5

But the one thing that overcomes it all and makes me not even think about the above mentioned 8 things is that I LOVE them dearly. And like I said we're boring without them. It was so nice to have the girls singing and running around.. it was all back to normal and guess what??? My headache went away! haha :) Love ya girls!


Wendy Cassidy said...

Well it's good that your kids are home! I'm glad you received your blog candy!! I'm finally back from a little (2 month) long break. :) Hopefully now we can share our crafty sides with each other :) Take care!!

tricki_nicki said...

I really like the background, the colors are pretty.

You're such a good mom, it's obvious that you love your family!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OMG! Liz, this is so funny! You know why? My husband and I recently had a night to ourselves, because the girls had a sleepover at their aunt's (my husband's sister) house. My husband and I both determined that we are also VERY boring without the kids! We were laughing our butts off over that conclusion! I absolutely love having my girls with me, and when they're not here, half the time I don't know what to do with myself! Totally awesome post Liz!