23 July 2008

Middle of the week Madness

It's always madness but really it's been crazy... It's like baby central around here, a guy at work just had a baby, my sister in law had a baby two days ago and now my husband's first cousin had a baby lastnight... Insane! I love babies and I want at least one more (everyone thinks I'm crazy) so I kind of feel out of the loop with all these babies being born and none of them are mine! haha :)

Anyhow, I stopped by Hobby Lobby lastnight and got a plain wooden frame, the ones they sell in the unfinished wood department and I decided to jazz it up for one of the new babies. Her name is Ava Rose (cute!). I hope her parents like it! Here it is....

I had this pink paper in my stash, it was double sided so the green and white polka dots was the other side of it. I covered the entire thing in the pink. I added the green strips to the corners.
This chipboard I just bought yesterday, it was only $2 so I had to get them.
These are the same flowers I made the other day with my card. I really like the way they come out. These ones I tore up the edges a little more so the white would come through and break up the green a bit. I used a darker green for the biggest circle, the same white/green polka dot paper for the middle circle and the pink paper for the center.
I used white grommets for the middle, I crop a diled them to the green strips before adhering them to the actual frame. The flowers ended up coming out great I thought, and they are so easy to do... Just circles, edge them, crumple, and then grommet... :) easy peasy... Let me know what you think! :)


Nit said...

So cute!! Amateur question, but what did you use to stick the paper to the frame?

Lauren said...

Great layout! The flower is so cute but the blog is hard to read with the transparent template. I do like the new layout though!

Nit said...

Thanks! I am going to try to make one this weekend...sure it won't come out as cute as yours though!

Oh & I tagged you for a meme on my page ~ see post "One word meme"


ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is totally cute! Love the flowers!