30 July 2008

Lots of page layouts... DONE! :)

EIGHT Page Layouts, I finally figured out my camera to get them all on my internal memory. So here they are, I've been doing these over the last few days. I'm so proud that I've been so productive!
First off, we'll start with layouts....
Rhinos galore! They seem so relaxed and loveable right? :) I was trying to get as many pictures on a page as I could without it looking toooo crazy. I have tons of pictures people... I can't afford to only put one or two pictures on a layout all the time :)
For the Rhino layout you can see the background through the tissue.. what tissue you ask? I got a green thin tissue--like the ones you put in gift bags-- I tore it to fit the page, placed it on top and added rubber cement to the top. The tissue is so thin that it soaks it and glues through the other side to the paper and you get this effect... Something differenet I guess. Next time I'll try with a color that's not so similar.
Pose, Ride, Sleep... that was about the just of the trip. The journaling notes that everyone in my family knows me so well that they always know that they have to pose for pictures... Sometimes I get caught in a picture or two but its not very likely. :)
The letters were cut on my Cricut Basic shape cart and I added some green dots of paint and some buttons.
This is a page that I have redone because I didn't like the way I did the last one... If you'll remember it was quite a disaster, it was during the time my girls were out of town, I had a major headache and was scrapping for about 10 hours.. Member??? :)
Anyhow I added 2 flowers and a grommet, a clear "sightseeing" sticker and some pink paint dots.
OH MY! These creatures are amazing I think. They were playing the whole time we were there, I loved it.
The letters are again from the Cricut, just a new cut... I hadn't used this type before... I like it. Added some ribbon, staples, buttons... love it!

Simple yet okay with me... Posing with the King... Not Elvis the King, but the King of beers.. :)
These are my foamy stickers from the Dollar Tree along with some of my Sharpie writing. :)
I like this one because the colors are so good together, I think anything goes with black really and I love this! The letters are Dollar Tree stuff, the & sign is from the cricut and that's all folks!
Cute... Using the shadows here, love it!
These horses are so well taken care of and so nice and gentle... and oh soooo soft! They were huge I thought and with the girls next to them it was cute! I tore up one full sheet of 12x12 paper in orange to make this effect. I like it... it flows... I also cut some flowers out of the patterned red/orange paper to add
A blurry up close of the white chipboard.. I'm not sure why it's so blurry, sorry... You can see the flowers with a grommet and my journaling sideways on the lines...
This layout has the Park brochure on it, and some more posed pictures by the huge entrance murals. It was a rainy day there but we still had fun.
I added this buckle and adhered it with the same patterned paper, and added a torn paper to journal a line or two.. :)
Hope you like em'! I hope they "inspire" you! I hope you have a crafty Wednesday!

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